Microbiological QC

25 mm In-line Filter Holder, Delrin* Plastic Produktbild

Lightweight filter holder for particulate sampling. Domed inlet provides uniform sample distribution on the filter. Lightweight for venting and air monitoring applications.

25 mm Filter Funnels, Polysulfone Produktbild

Economical, autoclavable funnels for vacuum filtration. Transparent funnels with graduations permit easy visual measurement. Tapered stem fits standard size #2 stoppers.

47 mm In-line Filter Holder, Polycarbonate Produktbild

Sturdy, lightweight unit for monitoring particulate in gases or liquids. Lightweight plastic construction. Luer-Lok* vent plug facilitates removal of air bubbles in liquid filtration.

47 mm In-line Filter Holder, Aluminum Produktbild

Lightweight, anodized aluminum filter holder. Convenient design allows opening and closing without disrupting membrane.