Allegro™ XRS 25 배양기 시스템 (Bioreactor System) product photo

A single-use bioreactor system with unique agitation and control properties designed for the cultivation of mammalian cells in suspension culture under controlled conditions and suitable for applications ranging from general life sciences research to seed train operations and full cGMP production

Allegro STR 일회용 교반탱크 배양기 (Stirred Tank Bioreactor) product photo

A novel single-use bioreactor system that allows users to focus on optimizing the application rather than on the mechanics of bioreactor installation and operation

Xpansion® Multiplate 배양기 시스템 (Bioreactor System) product photo

A compact multiple bioreactor designed specifically for fragile adherent cell culture applications, such as stem cell cultures

iCELLis® 배양기 (Bioreactor) product photo

iCELLis® Bioreactor by Pall is the world's first fully integrated high-cell density bioreactor designed to simplify processes by combining advantages of both single-use technologies and a fixed bed system. The system is ideal from pre-culture to final production causing a dramatic decrease in operational costs. Bioreactor has linear scalability features to match any system from R&D to manufacturing.