Particulate Filter

Ultipor® N66 Particulate and Bioreduction Filter Cartridges product photo

Specifically engineered for fine filtration, prefiltration and bioburden reduction of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biological liquids, providing reliable, economical and efficient particulate and bioburden removal

HDC® II Filter Cartridges for Liquid Applications product photo

With a high capacity for long service life and broad chemical compatibilities, the HDC® II Liquid Filter Cartridges provides a high-quality SOE option for sanitary filter housings. Components are FDA listed and manufactured under ISO 9000 Quality System. It is melt sealed to ensure sterility for purification products. It has many applications, including biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules for Liquid Applications product photo

Using an all polypropylene shell and filter medium, Pall's HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules for Liquid Applications provides a long service life. Its design contains a minimized hold up volume for maximum product recovery. Fiber throughout filter media varies in diameter to allow a high contaminant holding capacity. Design also includes fixed pores to prevent contaminants from unloading in varying pressures.

PreFlow™ Filter Capsules product photo

PreFlow™ Filter Capsules maintain Pall's top performance with low hold up volumes, high strength and autoclavable design. Capsules are compact and can be scalable to production filters. It has a fixed pore construction and a contaminant unloading resistance. PreFlow capsules are applicable to biotechnological processing like vaccines and serums.

Mini Profile® Capsules product photo

Mini Profile® Capsules are an ideal series of filters for scale up evaluation and screening operation. Users have the convenient choice between high void-volume depths medium or high-area pleated depth filter. Modules can come in different filter specifications to meet the specific needs of an early phase process development.

HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules product photo

The HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules by Pall are constructed with polypropylene for medium to large scaled productions. Capsules are available in T-style or In-line inlet/outlet configurations. Pall seeks to fit seamlessly into any biologics handling and biopharmaceutical production. Capsules accommodate a wide range of high capacity filter media and provide a long service life.

Posidyne® Filter Cartridges product photo

Posidyne® Filter Cartridges are the ideal components for fine particle retention. All Pall filters are 100% integrity tested and manufactured under GMP compliance. The construction is resin free with wettable capabilities. Posidyne has Zeta potential to provide enhanced particle retention and endotoxin removal. Filters are available in bioreduction and sterilizing grades as well to best fit several biotech systems.

Profile® Filter Cartridges with Ultipleat® Construction product photo

Profile® filter cartridges with Ultipleat® construction are ideal for filtration of viscous liquids or high flow rates. Ultipleat technology lowers both downtime and operating costs. It has wide chemical compatibility for increased user flexibility. Ultipleat has excellent chemical compatibility and ease of disposal due to the all polypropylene construction.

Profile® Star Filter Cartridges product photo

Profile® Star Polypropylene Particulate Filter Cartridges by Pall take advantage of pleat technology for high flow rates, increased dirt holding capacity, and long service life. Filter design includes a fixed pore structure to prevent fibers from migrating and dislodging. It uses all polypropylene construction for its wide chemical compatibility and high integrity.

PreFlow™ Cartridges product photo

Pall's PreFlow™ Filter Cartridges are built towards high economic capacity and high strength design. User gets the choice of particulate removal efficiencies and can be steamed repeatedly. PreFlow aims to provide a long service life and maximum efficiency. Filters are ideal for prefiltration applications including those applying to tissue culture media, vaccines and serums.

HDC® II Junior Cartridges product photo

HDC® II Junior Style Filter Cartridges use all polypropylene construction for a wide chemical compatibility range. The fiber diameters vary to increase the dirt catching and holding capacities for both upstream and downstream processes. Filter cartridges can be steam sterilized for easy maintenance and long service life.

Emflon® PF Membrane Filter Cartridges product photo

Emflon® PF Membrane Filter Cartridges are constructed of all fluoropolymer to provide strong durability against aggressive fluids. Tough design for concentrated solutions continues to last in repeated autoclave and steam sterilization. Each filter meets several USP standards including Biological Reactivity and Cleanliness.