Particulate Filter

HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules for Liquid Applications product photo

Using an all polypropylene shell and filter medium, Pall's HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules for Liquid Applications provides a long service life. Its design contains a minimized hold up volume for maximum product recovery. Fiber throughout filter media varies in diameter to allow a high contaminant holding capacity. Design also includes fixed pores to prevent contaminants from unloading in varying pressures.

PreFlow™ Filter Capsules product photo

PreFlow™ Filter Capsules maintain Pall's top performance with low hold up volumes, high strength and autoclavable design. Capsules are compact and can be scalable to production filters. It has a fixed pore construction and a contaminant unloading resistance. PreFlow capsules are applicable to biotechnological processing like vaccines and serums.

Mini Profile® Capsules product photo

Mini Profile® Capsules are an ideal series of filters for scale up evaluation and screening operation. Users have the convenient choice between high void-volume depths medium or high-area pleated depth filter. Modules can come in different filter specifications to meet the specific needs of an early phase process development.

HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules product photo

The HDC® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules by Pall are constructed with polypropylene for medium to large scaled productions. Capsules are available in T-style or In-line inlet/outlet configurations. Pall seeks to fit seamlessly into any biologics handling and biopharmaceutical production. Capsules accommodate a wide range of high capacity filter media and provide a long service life.