Particulate Filter

PreFlow™ Filter Capsules product photo

PreFlow™ Filter Capsules maintain Pall's top performance with low hold up volumes, high strength and autoclavable design. Capsules are compact and can be scalable to production filters. It has a fixed pore construction and a contaminant unloading resistance. PreFlow capsules are applicable to biotechnological processing like vaccines and serums.

Profile® Filter Cartridges with Ultipleat® Construction product photo

Profile® filter cartridges with Ultipleat® construction are ideal for filtration of viscous liquids or high flow rates. Ultipleat technology lowers both downtime and operating costs. It has wide chemical compatibility for increased user flexibility. Ultipleat has excellent chemical compatibility and ease of disposal due to the all polypropylene construction.

Profile® Star Filter Cartridges product photo

Profile® Star Polypropylene Particulate Filter Cartridges by Pall take advantage of pleat technology for high flow rates, increased dirt holding capacity, and long service life. Filter design includes a fixed pore structure to prevent fibers from migrating and dislodging. It uses all polypropylene construction for its wide chemical compatibility and high integrity.

PreFlow™ Cartridges product photo

Pall's PreFlow™ Filter Cartridges are built towards high economic capacity and high strength design. User gets the choice of particulate removal efficiencies and can be steamed repeatedly. PreFlow aims to provide a long service life and maximum efficiency. Filters are ideal for prefiltration applications including those applying to tissue culture media, vaccines and serums.

Profile® II 카트리지 필터 (Filter Cartridges) product photo

Profile® II Filter Cartridges are offered in three different versions for varying biotechnological applications. Each type uses polypropylene construction for long service life and high flow rates. Its features include excellent chemical compatibility, low extactables and no media migration. Cartridges simplify and streamline system efficiency with built in prefiltration layer.