Viral Clearance

생명공학 및 혈장 공정에서 바이러스 제거를 위한 강력한 바이러스 여과 제품

Ultipor® VF Grade DV20 Virus Removal Filter Cartridges product photo

Ideal for size exclusion removal of viruses as small as 20 nm from biological solutions

Pegasus™ SV4 바이러스 제거 카트리지 필터 (Virus Removal Filter Cartridge) product photo

Direct flow filters combining robust, high viral clearance of parvovirus and larger viruses with high throughput capacity and demonstrating constant, stable flow-rates in both dilute and complex/concentrated biological fluids

Pegasus™ SV4 Virus Removal Membrane Filter Discs product photo

Compact, easily-scalable filter discs for virus removal and small-scale membrane qualification studies

Pegasus™ LV6 Virus Prefiltration product photo

Pegasus™ Grade LV6 Virus Removal Filter Cartridges provide contamination prevention in large scale biopharmaceutical processes. Filters are set to high quality standards for robust virus retention and high protein yields in conformance with cGMP. Filters use PVDF membrane that endures integrity testing and is Pharmaceutical P-optimized. AB style cartridges use Ultipleat® construction for efficient removal.

Ultipor® UDV20 카트리지 product photo

Robust, small-virus removal filters with consistent, high flow performance