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Newform™ Protective Barrier Packaging product photo

A range of protective barrier packaging for biopharmaceutical applications, offering outstanding protection against physical influences including corrosion caused by gases and moistures, acids and salts, static electricity, electromagnetic interference, particulate contamination, heavy-duty environments, and UV protection.

Ultipor® GF Plus Filters for Air and Gas Applications product photo

A range of filters featuring positive Zeta modified glass fiber media for enhanced efficiency

MDS Junior Style Industrial Housings product photo

MDS Junior Style Industrial Housings offer high pressure and temperature rated applications. The easy mounting feature allows for simple changeouts and replacements to reduce production time. Stainless steel is electropolished to resist corrosion and maintain cleanliness. This housing is best fit for a small biopharmaceutical operation.

PGT Housings product photo

PGT Filter Housings by Pall is designed for cost efficient filtration. Operator has a choice of surface finish and connection options to fit several systems at multiple scale levels. Gas and vent filtration is important when working with biopharmaceutical applications such as vaccines or plasma fractionation. PGT housings are efficient in maintaining high quality environments with additional volume for condensate draining.

Marksman™ Elements with Nexis® A Series Filters product photo

Using CoLD® fiber technology and inside-out flow traps, Marksman™ Elements with Nexis® A Series Filters offer a replacement to bag filters. Gradient pore structure is compliant with a broad range of retention ratings. Nexis lowers overall cost and fits into bag housings with no hardware changes necessary. Integrity is guaranteed with meeting USP Biological Reactivity standards.

Poly-Fine® II Filter Cartridges (Q Grade) product photo

Poly-Fine® II Filter Cartridges introduces its top quality and performance filters with Q Grade. Filters are manufactured under GMP compliance and are free from adhesives. The Q Grade cartridges are economical with their high contaminant holding capacity and product consistency. They are ideal for compatible liquids or inert gas feed steams.

Allegro™ Bioprocessing Workstations product photo

A range of workstations designed to assist in applications where fluid containment, ease of use and flexibility are paramount

PCY Housings product photo

PCY Polypropylene Filter Housings are the ideal components for biotech level filtration of a wide variety of liquids. For a long service life, housings feature corrosion resistance and sturdy polypropylene construction. PCY housings can be integrated with a range of Pall cartridge styles. For increased flexibility all filters are sealed with high pressure to ensure security regardless cartridge.

Nexis® A Filter Cartridge (Q Grade) product photo

Ensuring quality with Pall's Q Grade, the Nexis® A Filter Cartridge provides high-efficiency depth filters. Cartridges are produced under GMP regulations and are free from adhesives. Materials are all-polypropylene and are designed with a continuous pore gradient. The structure's Co-Located large Diameter is highly effective at contaminant removal.