Cost-effective, innovative chromatographic purification platforms.

Mustang® Chromatography Capsules and Cartridges by Pall offer the opportunity for linear scale up to shorten process development time by significantly reducing re-optimization required between scale up steps. Mustang membranes offer a variety of compatibilities for multiple solution processing paths. Units are all designed for single-use which eliminates cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Mustang® E Membrane in Acrodisc® Capsules are ideal for the reduction of endotoxins in water, buffer, natural sugars and certain biological solutions.

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Mustang® Membrane Chromatography Starter Kits is ideal for the rapid identification of the correct membrane chemistry and rapid screenings of key process parameters. Mustang offers several membrane grades for varying processing requirements.

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Mustang® Q XT Ion Exchange Chromatography Capsules by Pall serve a variety of applications such as protein capture, pilot scale work and many others. The capsules provide high flow rates, scalability, flexibility and reproducibility. Pall serves efficiency at every size and production level while reducing costs for such high quality production and service.

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