Depth Filtration

Performance-enhanced depth filters designed for low viability and applications containing high solids. With many new processes containing higher debris loads and with the wider distribution of particle sizes in biotech applications, conventional depth filter technology may no longer achieve desired performance. Supradisc HP depth filters provide the robustness and performance for current process demands

The first encapsulated, disposable depth filter modules for medium to large scale process filtration

The Supradisc module design concept combines the advantages of conventional depth filter sheets with the positive features of enclosed filters. With their exceptional mechanical strength these depth filter sheets can be incorporated into Supradisc modules and installed into enclosed filter housings. This arrangement reduces cleaning and cleaning validation, as well as simplifies installation making it easier to handle and dispose of the filters after use

Depth filter sheets specifically developed for the strict requirements in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries

Supracap 50 depth filter capsules are designed for developing and optimizing a process during scale-up and scale-down studies. They can be used to quickly and accurately determine which series and grade of depth filter media will provide the best performance as well as the necessary filtration area required to meet process volume

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Placed into one of the three different sized chassis, Pall’s single-use Stax AKS capsules eliminate the use of stainless-steel housings which require costly cleaning and cleaning validation.

The design of the Supradisc II PP depth filter module combines the filtration performance of Seitz® media and the structural robustness of interlocking dual drainage plates. This provides the most robust design available

Providing the benefits of Seitz® depth filter media in the most versatile capsule format available

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For exceptional purity in pharmaceutical applications and low protein binding

T-Series grades have proved successful in the filtration of viscous media, the retention of gel particles and coarse dispersed substances at low differential pressures

Stax capsules utilizing Seitz® high performance depth filter media and the patented Supradisc™ II module design, are ideally suited for demanding prefiltration and clarification biopharmaceutical applications, increasing process efficiencies and addressing the needs for simplicity, safety, speed, and intuitive operation

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