Air Filters

Acrodisc gas filter capsules, part number KM292HPL, are specifically designed for the filtration of gases in critical biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. They are ideal for the sterile venting of small containers, vessels, carboys, bioreactors and flexible tubing sets.

For applications like vessel venting, gas service lines, or biopharmaceutical instrument air Pall offers the Emflon® PFA Filter Cartridge. PFA filters use pleated hydrophobic membrane innovation to remove micro-organisms and particles from both air and gas. All filters are integrity tested and provide high flow rates with low pressure drops.

Polypropylene construction, ISO 9000 Certified Quality System and cGMP conformance make up the HDC® II Filter Cartridges for Gas Applications design. Pall understands the consumer need to purify efficiently and economically, making HDC II a long lasting, autoclavable and resin free filtration component. It meets application standards for biopharmaceutical and biological sterilization needs.

The biopharmaceutical industry demands sanitary conditions in all aspects of the production process. Emflon® PFR Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ Capsules provides air filtration capability with its Emflon PFR and pleated membranes. The filters have a choice of connectors to improve flexibility. PFR serves a long life and can be autoclaved repeatedly for low maintenance costs.

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Emflon® PFR Membrane in Novasip™ Capsules have lower installation costs than comparable systems. Its steam sterilizing durability provides a long service life and low maintenance costs. Novasip™ filters use polyethermide because of its strong withstanding features against elevated temperature and pressure. Designed with air and vent applications Novasip™ filters can be used in a range of operating conditions.

Emflon® PFR Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules takes advantage of PTFE membranes that are both pleated and hydrophobic. PFR filters meet the increasingly high standards of the biopharmaceutical industry. Pall provides top filtration of liquids for particulate removal. Robust design features a glue free construction and polypropylene shell to provide a long service life.

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0.2-micron vent filters, ideal for the sterile venting of small containers or as an in-line gas filter.

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For single-use installations, from upstream to final formulation and fill, Emflon II membrane is the go-to gas filter for safeguarding cell cultures and drug product from adventitious bacterial and viral contamination. Mini Kleenpak capsules with Emflon II membrane deliver gamma-compatible sterilizing grade air filtration for use on process gas and vent applications. With a comprehensive validation and quality package, Mini Kleenpak capsules with Emflon II membrane are the perfect air filter technology to implement through clinical development to licensed drug manufacture.

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A range of filters featuring positive Zeta modified glass fiber media for enhanced efficiency

An autoclave vent filter (AVF) incorporating a modified-PVDF porous membrane with outstanding performance characteristics.

Emflon® PFR Junior Style Filter Cartridges offer high assurance and high integrity in their air and gas sterilizing services. Filters can be steamed and tested easily to maintain cleanliness and integrity standards. Keeping filters clean and up to date provides a long service life for the user. Using Pall PTFE membrane and hydrophobic technology, PFR filters remove contaminating bacteria and viruses.

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