Emflon® II

For single-use installations, from upstream to final formulation and fill, Emflon II membrane is the go-to gas filter for safeguarding cell cultures and drug product from adventitious bacterial and viral contamination. Mini Kleenpak capsules with Emflon II membrane deliver gamma-compatible sterilizing grade air filtration for use on process gas and vent applications. With a comprehensive validation and quality package, Mini Kleenpak capsules with Emflon II membrane are the perfect air filter technology to implement through clinical development to licensed drug manufacture.

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Emflon® II Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules serves the user's specific systematic needs. Pall offers options including gama-irradiatable, pre-sterilized and custom-made sets. All versions perform to the same top quality standard. Each unit is fully integrity testable and has the highly retentive Emflon II membrane. These capsule filters provide high air flows of both air and gas.

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Emflon® II Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ 20 Capsules are process proven for high flow rates and highly retentive membranes. The capsule is gamma-irradiatable and autoclavable for convenience and repeated use. It can be integrated into complex systems like bioreactors or any systems that need sterilizing vents. The Emflon II filters have hydrophobic membranes that can sterilize air and gas.

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