Filter Integrity Testers

The Palltronic® Flowstar V instrument is a state-of-the-art filter integrity test device that supports critical filtration steps and batch release, while addressing GMP manufacturing demands. Along with reliable and accurate filter testing, the Palltronic Flowstar V instrument can be operated to fulfill global regulatory requirements regarding data integrity with it access management and audit trail features. Its interface provides optimal ease-of-use and the unit can be easily integrated to local networks including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for control levels and SCADA for process management levels.

Palltronic® AquaWIT IV Filter Integrity Test System is an ideal component for maintaining efficient manufacturing rates and high quality products. It can perform water intrusion testing, forward flow testing and other indication testing. The fully automated test prep and cycle feature saves the operator time. Pall ensures reliable and reproducible test results while guaranteeing safety of digital records.

Palltronic® AquaWIT IV Filter Integrity Test System MUX Extension is a highly flexible component for any top performance filtration system. It allows up to four different cartridges or housings either hydrophobic or hydrophilic to be tested at once. This level of flexibility saves time and increasing efficiency. All test info get recorded and saved for simple reference.

Palltronic® Bar Code Reader provides an easy method to keeping track of part numbers across the various components of biopharmaceutical filtration systems. Pall's Scanner allows for proper part identification for integrity testing. Part identification is needed for high quality operations and product confidence. Manufacturing safety is ensured with IP54-rated system to protect against dust or liquid penetration.

Testing flow rates is imperative in biopharmaceutical production. Palltronic® Flow Check II Unit checks integrity test flow rates to guarantee accurate calculations. The stainless steel construction featuring pressure sensors makes an efficient component to high quality pharmaceutical systems. Flow Check II detects weather and height changes which makes conversion tables obsolete and saves operating time.

To maintain high quality products and performance industries must test instrument integrity in their manufacturing processes. The Palltronic® FlowMod Filter Integrity Test Instrument saves time with process automation and reduces chance of error. Test results are stored on PLC or SCADA systems for user convenience. Features include Water Intrusion and Bubble Point testing.