Liquid Filter Housings

Advanced housings for sterile liquid filters, manufactured from 316L stainless steel and engineered to meet the strictest requirements of the biopharmaceutical industry

Specifically designed liquid filter housings, engineered for today’s manufacturing processes for the most critical of applications

Single cartridge housings need to mechanically match and work with the entirety of a filtration system. The IOL and IDL Single-Round Industrial Filter Housings provide specific features to easily integrate into critical systems. Both styles use stainless steel material and are designed to ideally suit the biopharmaceutical industry applications.

PLT Filter Housings combine sanitary features and cost effectiveness in its design. Features include SIP and CIP capabilities and operator's choice in inlet/outlet configurations. Manufacturing meets biopharmaceutical industry requirements. Surface finish is electropolished to resist corrosions and provide a longer service life.

PCY Polypropylene Filter Housings are the ideal components for biotech level filtration of a wide variety of liquids. For a long service life, housings feature corrosion resistance and sturdy polypropylene construction. PCY housings can be integrated with a range of Pall cartridge styles. For increased flexibility all filters are sealed with high pressure to ensure security regardless cartridge.