Mycoplasma Removal Filters (0.1 micron)

Fluorodyne® II DJL Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules offer both in-line and T-style inlet/outlet configurations with AB-style filter cartridges. The prefiltration layer enhances sterilization while maintaining high flow rate. Nova is validated to remove A. laidlawii and other mycoplasma for efficient filtration. Modules can accept a vast range of Pall filter media and single-use capsules.

Fluorodyne® EX EDT Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova Capsule uses Ultipleat® filter construction to allow high flow rates and low protein binding. It is designed for autoclaving and SIP in either wet or dry conditions for repeated use. The Nova capsules are ideal for medium to large scale production and have highly retentive mycoplasma technology. Pall ensures effective filtration treatment of fluids.

With space and production efficiency design the Fluorodyne® II DJL Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules is both compact and rugged. DJL is offered in four sizes to fit various system and application needs. It is a top grade filtration piece for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Size versatility allows DJL filters to take a role from small to large scale productions. Incorporating a prefiltration layer adds to its rapid preservative recovery rates.