Mycoplasma Removal Filters (0.1 micron)

Fluorodyne® II DJL Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ 20 Capsules are compatible with organic solvents, acids and chemicals. They are integrity tested and manufactured to USP Biological Reactivity Test standards. DJL produces high rates of microbial retention and protein transmission. Efficient for A. laidlawii and other organism filtration. DJL has the highest flow of PVDF for compatible filters of its size.

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Fluorodyne® EX EDT Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ Capsules have an asymmetric prefilter for highest dirt holding capacity. The capsules provide a high flow and retention rates for economical filtration of culture media. They are the smallest filters in Pall's UpScale Program range to utilize pleated membrane technology. Mini capsules are ideal for modeling large production scale.

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Fluorodyne® II DJL Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ Capsule is ideal for process development and scale-up trials. Mini Kleenpak displays Pall's top quality performance with high protein transmission and rapid preservative recoveries. Each filter is 100% integrity tested and excellent for modeling larger production scales. DJL filters are encapsulated for minimized cleaning and low installation costs.

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