Pall aims to provide full understanding on the operations and maintenance of its broad range selection in filtration products. With the Filter Sterilization Training users can learn the best practice to strengthen their understanding of product cleaning to ensure a long service life. Pall's lessons teach all specialized sterilization methods including steam, autoclave and condensate removal.

Following GMP guidelines, Pall ensures top efficiency for our filtration, purification and separation instruments. Your local Pall instrumentation service is comprised of experts in calibration, qualification and repair of all Pall equipment. It is Pall Corporation’s goal to ensure worry free experiences with our instruments.

In order to ensure personnel expertise and GMP standards, Pall Corporation offers effective training for understanding the skills and competencies appropriate to the duties assigned to them. Having knowledge on filter basics, integrity testing and etc. is imperative for efficient and safe biopharmaceutical production. Pall can help you with high quality training by our experienced instructors.

Using a hydraulic bridge to remove air from the upstream filter is important in measuring real time flow. Palltronic® AquaWIT XC Integrity Test System uses water intrusion testing to get instrument integrity. The system connects to the filter system and inputs test parameter to the easy to use touchscreen display. The system is ideal or hydrophobic gas filters and can be used in a variety of filter installations.

Using patented volume dosing technique the Palltronic® Flowstar II Filter Integrity Test Instrument achieves high accuracy. This instrument is ideal with its cost and time reducing features. It eliminates the need to measure upstream volume to calculate flow. Flowstar II is capable of Forward Flow, Bubble Point and Water Intrusion testing. Developed in conformance with GAMP, Flowstar II guarantees top performance while still minimizing test times.

Pall’s leadership in the Biopharmaceutical industry and years of experience in validation services enables us to provide valuable scientific insights for challenging applications ranging from complex biopharmaceutical processes to active ingredient purification