Fluorodyne® EX EDF

Acrodisc gas filter capsules, part number KM292HPL, are specifically designed for the filtration of gases in critical biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. They are ideal for the sterile venting of small containers, vessels, carboys, bioreactors and flexible tubing sets.

Palltronic® Bar Code Reader provides an easy method to keeping track of part numbers across the various components of biopharmaceutical filtration systems. Pall's Scanner allows for proper part identification for integrity testing. Part identification is needed for high quality operations and product confidence. Manufacturing safety is ensured with IP54-rated system to protect against dust or liquid penetration.

Fluorodyne® EX Grade EDF Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules are built for biopharmaceutical purpose with their durable and compact design. Using Fluorodyne EX grade EDF filters it promotes higher protein transmission and a sterile cell harvest. Its prefiltration layers and main filter system prove efficient purification in intermediate and final biological process solutions.

For applications like vessel venting, gas service lines, or biopharmaceutical instrument air Pall offers the Emflon® PFA Filter Cartridge. PFA filters use pleated hydrophobic membrane innovation to remove micro-organisms and particles from both air and gas. All filters are integrity tested and provide high flow rates with low pressure drops.

Posidyne® Filter Cartridges are the ideal components for fine particle retention. All Pall filters are 100% integrity tested and manufactured under GMP compliance. The construction is resin free with wettable capabilities. Posidyne has Zeta potential to provide enhanced particle retention and endotoxin removal. Filters are available in bioreduction and sterilizing grades as well to best fit several biotech systems.

Fluorodyne® EX EDF Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ 20 Capsules are manufactured to GMP standards and operate as a single-use alternative to other filters. Engineered prefiltration layer is validated to retain B. diminuta for a sterile filtration for cell harvest.

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