Fluorodyne® EX EDF

For applications like vessel venting, gas service lines, or biopharmaceutical instrument air Pall offers the Emflon® PFA Filter Cartridge. PFA filters use pleated hydrophobic membrane innovation to remove micro-organisms and particles from both air and gas. All filters are integrity tested and provide high flow rates with low pressure drops.

Posidyne® Filter Cartridges are the ideal components for fine particle retention. All Pall filters are 100% integrity tested and manufactured under GMP compliance. The construction is resin free with wettable capabilities. Posidyne has Zeta potential to provide enhanced particle retention and endotoxin removal. Filters are available in bioreduction and sterilizing grades as well to best fit several biotech systems.

With a high capacity for long service life and broad chemical compatibilities, the HDC® II Liquid Filter Cartridges provides a high-quality SOE option for sanitary filter housings. Components are FDA listed and manufactured under ISO 9000 Quality System. It is melt sealed to ensure sterility for purification products. It has many applications, including biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Profile® filter cartridges with Ultipleat® construction are ideal for filtration of viscous liquids or high flow rates. Ultipleat technology lowers both downtime and operating costs. It has wide chemical compatibility for increased user flexibility. Ultipleat has excellent chemical compatibility and ease of disposal due to the all polypropylene construction.

Profile® Star Polypropylene Particulate Filter Cartridges by Pall take advantage of pleat technology for high flow rates, increased dirt holding capacity, and long service life. Filter design includes a fixed pore structure to prevent fibers from migrating and dislodging. It uses all polypropylene construction for its wide chemical compatibility and high integrity.

Validated, 0.2 µm sterilizing-grade filters with a unique combination of Ultipleat® filter construction and built-in prefiltration to give longer filter life and lower filtration costs. Suitable for sterile filtration of a wide range of fluids including buffers, biological fluids, tissue culture media, ophthalmic products and many others

To assure safety and validation, Fluorodyne® EX EDT Membrane Filter Cartridges use Pall's AB-style filters to achieve efficient filtration. This filter model uses triple membrane technology designed for high flow rates, increased protein transmission and autoclaves. Construction features like the pleat modular cartridge provide effective filter application.

The MCY styled Fluorodyne® II DJL Membrane in Junior Filter Cartridge is a single-use filter cartridge designed for stainless steel filter housings. DJL filters are validated for A. laidlawii mycoplasma removal and are 0.1 micron-rated. The double O-ring feature for piston sealing that is comparable to AB-style cartridges. These filters are efficient in processing volumes from 30 L to 500 L.

Fluorodyne® II DJL Membrane Filter Cartridges are AB-style, replaceable cartidges suited for medium to large scale production. Filters are resin free and melt-sealed for guaranteed contamination prevention. The filter design is ideal for high retention of mycoplasma and high flow rates. Each filter is integrity tested and meets USP Biological Reactivity Test standards.

Pall's PreFlow™ Filter Cartridges are built towards high economic capacity and high strength design. User gets the choice of particulate removal efficiencies and can be steamed repeatedly. PreFlow aims to provide a long service life and maximum efficiency. Filters are ideal for prefiltration applications including those applying to tissue culture media, vaccines and serums.

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Fluorodyne® EX EDF Membrane Filter Cartridges retain microbial with their unique asymmetry and EX grade EDF filters. The AB-style cartridges are replicable and suitable for medium to large scale production. The filter has prefiltration built-in to hold more dirt and guarantee more efficient purification. The unit can be repeatedly autoclaved and SIP in either wet or dry conditions.

0.45 micron rated filters, validated for bioburden control.