Fluorodyne® II DFL

To process smaller end volumes for manufacturing pilots the Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ Capsules provide the high quality modeling filter performance. Mini capsules feature melt-sealed and surfactant-free design that efficiently purifies solution. Just as sanitary as its similar pleated membrane models in Pall's UpScale range.

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High quality performance with low extractable rate and single-use technology make up Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ 20 Capsules. Ideal for screening trials and smaller range filtration volumes, the capsules provide top service at GMP standards. Their compact size and resin free construction are highly efficient and manufactured under ISO 9000 Certified Quality system standards.

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In medium to large scale biopharmaceuticals production, Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules with Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane are the ideal sterilized filters. Nova capsules are offered in both in-line and T-style inlet and outlet configurations. They have a high protein transmission rates and rapid preservative recovery. The capsules are compatible with Pall AB-style range of filter cartridges.

Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane in Junior Filter Cartridges use Sealkleen style to eliminate risks of bypass from upstream to downstream processing. The cartridges are single use and designed for in-line stainless steel housings. They are ideal for small to medium scaled manufacturing and are predominately used in prefiltration of viscous fluids.

Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane Filter Cartridge is ideal for biotechnological applications such as ophthalmic and other solutions with active ingredients. Filters follow Pall's standard AB-style and work with stainless steel housings. The benefits of DFL membranes are their low extractable levels and high protein transmissions. Each filter is integrity tested and sterilizing grade.

Pall's Fluorodyne II® DFL Membrane in Junior Filter Cartridges are available in both MCY and SBF styles. Junior filters are single-use units with AB-style cartridges. Their size makes them ideal for small volume processing with low extractable guarantee. They are best for sterilizing filtration of biopharmaceutical fluids.

Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane in Novasip™ Capsules are single-use technologies that sterilize fitration of biopharmaceutical fluids. Using Novasip instead of typical stainless steel can reduce installation costs up to 80%. New design includes sanitary valves that cannot be removed for better safety and are not threaded for increased cleanliness. Filter capsules have robust construction that can be steamed for low maintenance.

Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane in Kleenpak™ Capsules provides many benefits to their users such as high protein transmission and rapid preservative recovery. DFL is ideal for sterilizing filtration of biopharmaceutical grade fluids. Solutions with active ingredients are carefully filtered throughout DFL's compact design. Each product includes a Certificate of Test for bacterial retention and fabrication integrity.

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