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A range of high performance, easy-to-use mixers for manual to fully automated solution preparation

High performance, easy-to-use mixers for manual to fully automated solution preparation between 2 and 50 liters

The Wand Mixer by Pall is the ideal component for biopharmaceutical applications like suspension or re-suspension, final formulation and media, buffer preparation. It features a simple and affordable installation into single-use systems. Wand Mixer is ideal for liquid in liquid and solid in liquid mixing. It provides the perfect balance of economy and ability for all small-scale disposable mixing needs.

LevMixer® System is the ideal component for product homogenization, suspension or re-suspension, final formulation and media, buffer preparation. LevMixer takes advantage of technology capable of suspension powers and other solids without clogging or shearing. The system is mobile and flexible to fit all users' spatial needs while offering a wide range of mixing volumes for a broad series of applications.

Magnetic Mixer is the ideal component for buffer, media preparation, high viscosity mixing and heavy power load applications within the biopharmaceutical industry. It accommodates a large range of scaling from 6 L to 3000 L and a robust mixing for challenging powder applications. The mixer consists of an interchangeable magnetic drive unit that can be fitted for either plastic or steel tanks.





Mixer selection is dependent upon the nature of the product, the volume to be mixed and the mixing activity that is required – dissolving, suspending, homogenization, etc. Mixers are used in every process area from early stages such as buffer and media preparation, to fill and finish operations.



Single-Use Mixer Comparisons




Allegro™ Mixer


Magnetic Mixer

Wand Mixer


Direct drive

with inflation

Frictionless / levitating Magnetically coupled, Cost effective, Robust Top driven shaft, Low cost and simple

2 - 50 L

6 – 1000 L 6 - 3000 L

1 – 200 L



Allegro Single-Use Mixers

Efficient, low shear, general purpose mixing over a wide range of applications including shear sensitive solutions.



LevMixer System 

For buffer preparation and product contact mixing with a levitating impeller to remove the shaft, seals and bearings from inside the single-use mixer system.  A separate external drive unit can mix multiple tank sizes.



Magnetic Mixer 

Ideal for media and buffer preparation. A portable universal drive can provide robust mixing for even the most challenging powder applications.



Wand Mixer

For product development and cGMP environments, where portability, high mixing efficiency, reliability, ease of use and a small footprint are necessary.






Allegro Mixer LevMixer Magnetic Mixer Wand Mixer
  • Mixing magnetic beads
  • Low volume mixing (F&F)
  • TFF recirculation mixing
  • Downstream
  • Fill and finish
  • Gene therapy
  • Media and buffer preparation
  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Laboratory scale
  • Small volume applications
  • High viscosity
  • Mixing in an isolator




Buffer and Media Preparation

Usually large volumes need to be processed – bigger scales and increased power are required.

No direct product contact – equipment and consumables need to be flexible but also cost attractive.

Upstream and Harvesting Steps

Direct product contact but usually in large volumes.

Cooling and low speed mixing over longer periods is often required.

Downstream Processing

The product concentration increases and so do the requirements (product sensitive mixing).

Often pH and Conductivity sensors are required (e.g. for virus inactivation).

Increasingly data recording, exporting to external control systems and in some instances fully automated steps are desired.

Fill and Finish

The product is highly concentrated and is often at its most sensitive state.

Residual volume and mixing down to the lower volumes should be maintained to keep potential product losses minimal.

Cell and Gene Therapy DNA, virus and cell constructs are often very fragile. A key component to keep them stable are special buffer solutions. Carefully selected mixing technology for sensitive mixing and lower speeds (rotation per minute - RPM) are desired.