Tangential Flow Filtration

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PallSep™ Biotech Systems is the ideal component for biotechnological industry level concentration, clarification and purification of high particle load, high viscosity and difficult to filter solutions. The process for high value solutions should be simple and gentle. PallSep Biotech offers a simple to use and easy scale up solution for efficient separation technology during complex applications.

Eliminate the recirculation loop and streamline operations to optimize downstream processing

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High performance Omega PES membrane combined with significant material and design improvements deliver highly reliable fluid dynamics and better process economics

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Efficient processing of liquid volumes up to 20L. Built-in prefilter extends filter life when particulate-laden solutions, such as serum-containing media, are processed.

Designed for optimum performance and product recovery, Pall's TFF cassette holders are available in a variety of sizes to meet every application requirement. Applications developed on a small system using a Centramate, or Maximate cassette can be easily scaled up, either by adding additional cassettes to the holder or by scaling into a larger cassette format and holder configuration with an identical flow path.

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Low protein binding Delta membrane to assist with optimizing process economics

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An ultra-compact portable unit for process development in ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) applications

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Pall's standard tangential flow filtration systems are ready-to-use, engineered systems with integrated recipe management tools to expedite your approval processes and reduce your time to market

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