Filters for Specialist Applications

Minidisc filter capsules incorporate Ultipor® VF Grade DV20 membrane and are validated for virus removal. Also suitable for small-scale membrane qualification studies such as bacteriophage or prion (TSE agent) clearance, as well as membrane flow rate, capacity and protein transmission studies

Innovative hydrophilic PVDF microporous membranes to remove significant levels of viruses from biological solutions, while enabling > 95% transmission of proteins up to 300 kD or larger

Robust, small-virus removal filters with consistent, high flow performance

Ultipor VF Grade DV50 virus removal filters are a robust means to remove viruses from liquids by microfiltration, while permitting enhanced transmission of proteins. These SBF Junior Style pleated membrane mini-cartridges are designed for small-scale qualification and validation studies and for small process batches up to 10 – 20 liters

Ideal for size exclusion removal of viruses as small as 20 nm from biological solutions