Pegasus™ SV4

Encapsulated filters removing operating costs associated with traditional formats, such as cleaning and maintenance of filter housings and cleaning validation. Capsules can be autoclaved and supplied as part of a single-use processing system such as a filter/tubing/biocontainer set

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Filters designed for quick and efficient filter sizing studies using small fluid volumes either following, or instead of bench scale flat disc trials

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Direct flow filters combining robust, high viral clearance of parvovirus and larger viruses with high throughput capacity and demonstrating constant, stable flow-rates in both dilute and complex/concentrated biological fluids

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Compact, easily-scalable filter discs for virus removal and small-scale membrane qualification studies

Purpose-designed filters for small-scale membrane qualification studies such as bacteriophage or prion (TSE agent) clearance, as well as membrane flow rate, capacity and protein transmission studies

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