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Pall has a wide range of filter holders products.

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Lightweight, corrosion-resistant filter holders for routine air sampling. 25 mm holder is autoclavable. Can be used for bacterial monitoring and particulate analysis. 37 and 47 mm holders include a plastic cap that protects samples after filtration.

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$ 5.23 - $ 639.36

Sturdy, lightweight unit for monitoring particulate in gases or liquids. Lightweight plastic construction. Luer-Lok* vent plug facilitates removal of air bubbles in liquid filtration.

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$ 5.69 - $ 133.28
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$ 154.44 - $ 258.12

Lightweight filter holder for particulate sampling. Domed inlet provides uniform sample distribution on the filter. Lightweight for venting and air monitoring applications.

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$ 5.23 - $ 221.76
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$ 34.45 - $ 434.16

Available in plastic and stainless steel. Economical for small-volume (1 to 10 mL) filtration. Accepts 13 mm filter discs. Luer inlet and outlet fittings provide easy connections.

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$ 6.54 - $ 209.44

Designed for optimum performance and product recovery, Pall's TFF cassette holders are available in a variety of sizes to meet every application requirement. Applications developed on a small system using a Centramate, or Maximate cassette can be easily scaled up, either by adding additional cassettes to the holder or by scaling into a larger cassette format and holder configuration with an identical flow path.

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Large filtration area for easy operation and fast liquid flow. Economical for small-volume (10 to 100 mL) filtration. Accepts 25 mm filter discs.Luer inlet and outlet fittings provide easy connections.

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$ 5.23 - $ 138.88
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$ 51.19 - $ 234.36

Lightweight, anodized aluminum filter holder. Convenient design allows opening and closing without disrupting membrane.

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$ 8.18 - $ 661.92

Convenient sizes and durable materials for filtration of all your laboratory samples. Design optimizes use of filter area with 15% more EFA than most competitive units, giving higher flow rates and extending the filter's service life.

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$ 42.45 - $ 8,052.80

High quality, corrosion-resistant holders for stack sampling. Stainless steel construction offers excellent chemical resistance. Holders open and close easily. Filter remains undisturbed for particulate analysis.

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