SUPRApak™ ZD Series Depth Filter Modules

For a Wide Range of Food and Beverage Applications

Pall’s SUPRApak™ Zero DE (ZD) module Series is a unique combination of Pall’s SUPRApak design for sheet based modules and a pure cellulose depth filter sheet media for food and beverage applications. The filter has been designed to give excellent filtration performance and lower filtration costs.



The SUPRApak ZD Series combines a 100% cellulose depth filter sheet matrix and Pall’s SUPRApak design with the unique “edge flow” principle. The SUPRApak ZD filter media was developed to meet the need of the food and beverage industry for filter sheet media, based on 100% pure cellulose fiber matrix material without any content of diatomateous earth (DE) or Perlite. SUPRApak ZD filter modules are available in multiple grades, suitable for microbial reduction, fine filtration and clarifying filtration in various food and beverage applications.


Features Benefits
100% pure cellulose depth filter media: no inorganic components
  • Very low impact on color and flavor
  • Very high purity, low extractables, low ion release
  • Up to 50% less water consumption for conditioning and regeneration

Highly fibrillated cellulose fiber matrix

  • Very strong filtration media
  • Easy to regenerate
  • High hold up volume for long filtration cycles
  • Very good particle and microbiological reduction
SUPRApak design “edge flow” Technology
  • Optimized use of depth filter matrix
  • Very high filtration area per module
  • Compact module design
  • Enabling enclosed, more hygienic sheet filtration



SUPRApak ZD Filters are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

Food Contact Compliance

Please refer to the Pall website for a Declaration of Compliance to specific National Legislation and/or Regional Regulatory requirements for food contact use.



Grade                                                                                 Application

SUPRApak ZD 5200

SUPRApak ZD 5300

  • Reduction of fine particles and yeasts
  • Filtration of beverages and liquid food that require very high clarity and very high particle removal capacity

SUPRApak ZD 5500

SUPRApak ZD 5900

  • Polishing filtration of beverages such as wine, beer, fruit juices and liquid food
  • Filtration / De-watering of high quality olive oil


Materials of Construction

Component Description
Sheet media Resin-bonded cellulose
Center core Polypropylene
Straps Polyester




Prior to use, it is recommended to rinse the filter with clean water at ambient temperature with > 50 L/m².




SUPRApak ZD filter modules may be rinsed with clean water only in forward direction to optimize total throughput and economic efficiency. Optimal regeneration may be achieved with several rinses of cold water followed by warm water. An example protocol is shown below.

  1. Rinse with cold water (ambient temperature) for 5 min.
  2. Rinse with warm water (max. 60 °C / 140 °F) for 10 min.


Rinsing flow rate should be max. 1 ½ of the filtration flow rate with a counter pressure of 0.5-1 bar (7.2-14.5 psi).


1 Avoid any backpressure as it destroys the module. Water used for forward flow flushing should be particle-free, and if the filter will not be sterilized prior to re-use the water should be free of microorganisms. The actual time required may vary as a function of the process conditions.

Please contact Pall for recommendations on your specific filtration process as results may vary by product, pre-filtration and filtration conditions.


Available SUPRApak Formats

Module Size  
SUPRApak ZD L 16”


Data Sheets

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Pall SUPRApak vs Filter Press setup time

Ordering Information

SUPRApak Ordering Key

[ZD] [5200] [L] [W]
Sheet Media Range Media Type Size (Diameter) Regulatory
ZD 5200 L = 16" Food Contact Compliance


Example: [ZD] [5200] [L] [W]

Zero DE Range, 5200 Media, 16” Diameter. Material is Food Contact Compliant (“W”)


SAP Ordering Code Material Description
5302798   SUPRApak ZD 5200 LW
5302804 SUPRApak ZD 5300 LW
5302805 SUPRApak ZD 5500 LW
5302806 SUPRApak ZD 5900 LW



Recommended Flow Rates and Differential Pressure

SUPRApak Grade          

Flow Velocity Wine and Other Beverages Flow Velocity Beer Maximum Differential Pressure







L (16”) L (16”)  
ZD 5200 Fine filtration;Filtration prior to final membrane filter







ZD 5300      
ZD 5500 Polishing filtration;Particle filtration







ZD 5900