Syringe Filters

High-performance sterile and non-sterile filtration for mass spectrometry, chromatography, media preparation, cell culture, and protein purification. Pall offers a complete portfolio of filtration solutions ranging from research-grade to GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing. Pall is your partner for all your filtration needs.

Our non-sterile syringe filters offer the following advantages:

  • Extend UHPLC column life over 100 times compared to an unfiltered sample
  • Protect expensive instrument detectors and columns
  • Contribute minimal extractable material that contaminates critical data
  • Available pre-filters produce lower back pressure and higher flow rates for easier sample filtration

Pall Laboratory sterile-syringe filters meet the challenges of sterile applications:

  • Gamma-irradiated, sterile packaging  
  • Ergonomic, individually blister packaged  
  • Dual-layer membrane with integrated pre-filter for high dirt-holding capacity and improved filterability  
  • Low back pressure for ease of use   
  • High quality: works the first time, every time

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Acrodisc® MS syringe filters are available in 13 and 25mm diameters with 0.2µm rated WWPTFE membrane and HDPE housings.

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$ 163.00 - $ 204.00

Variety of pore sizes and membrane types for prefiltration and clarification. Meets virtually all aqueous sample filtration needs. Widely used in dissolution testing.

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$ 302.00 - $ 2,577.00

Available with GxF multi-layered glass fiber prefilter, providing two to four times the throughput of standard glass fiber prefilter devices, and allowing quick and easy filtration of your most difficult-to-filter samples.

6 Products In Family
$ 404.00 - $ 2,119.00

Versatile Filter for Both Aqueous and Solvent-Based Sample Filtration. Excellent chemical compatibility with esters, bases, and alcohols. Saves time because no prewetting is required.

24 Products In Family
$ 624.00 - $ 2,577.00

Acrodisc PSF syringe filters are Zymark* and SOTAX* Automation Certified to assure smooth operation and worry-free performance 24 hours a day in automated workstations. Ideal for filtration of gas and/or organic solvents.

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$ 624.00 - $ 2,577.00

Hydrophilic membrane compatible with a wide variety of solvents. Useful for a wide range of applications, including aggressive and non-aggressive solvent-based mobile phase.

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$ 624.00 - $ 2,680.00

These syringe filters are ideal for biological and general research. Superior flow rates and higher throughputs than competitive devices.

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$ 624.00 - $ 2,577.00

Universal membrane filters for all of your analytical filtration requirements. Automation Certified to ensure smooth operation and worry-free performance 24 hours a day in automated workstations.

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$ 450.00 - $ 2,500.00

For use in cell culture and other sensitive biological research. Meets aqueous sample filtration needs.

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$ 633.00 - $ 2,141.00

These syringe filters are specifically designed for ion chromatography applications and optimized to provide the most consistent results when analyzing ionic species.

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$ 624.00 - $ 2,139.00

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) Sample Prep Filtration Increases Column Life. Ideal for UHPLC sample prep and buffer filtration when using column packings < 2 μm. Available in a variety of polymers to provide chemical compatibility with all solutions.

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$ 450.00 - $ 2,680.00


Non-Sterile Syringe Filters

Data quality is critical in mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography applications. Extractables and leachables must be minimized to assure reliable result.

Syringe filters perform sample clean-up and preparation functions ensuring the purest samples are analyzed in liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and ion chromatography applications. Reliable results depend upon accurate data, achieved by the low extractables and high particulate retention of Pall Laboratory’s Acrodisc syringe filters.

They also protect the costly detectors and columns found in analytical instruments. For example, filtration can extend ultra-highpressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) column life over 100 times versus an unfiltered sample — saving consumable costs and the expenses associated with downtime for maintenance and recalibration.

As researchers work with sample sizes as small as 100 µL, filtration must have little or no liquid retention to avoid lost volume. At the same time, in laboratories that filter many samples each day, syringe filters must protect analysts against repetitive-use joint injuries from sample back pressure. 

Sterile Syringe Filters

Researchers engaged in media preparation, protein purification, and cell culture know that sterility is imperative in their processes and workflows.

The syringe filter is the laboratory workhorse that protects sample or culture quality and sterility. The filter must provide enough capacity to filter the entire sample. Replacing a syringe filter midway through the process may lead to contamination, spills, and workfl ow disruption. Laboratory users also want syringe filters that can handle multiple cell types, densities, and pH values to simplify workfl ows and inventory management. In addition, the syringe filter must have minimal back pressure and resistance to eliminate repetitive-use injuries and achieve faster filtration. 



Non-Sterile Syringe Filter Applications

During dissolution testing, non-sterile syringe filters are essential to remove undissolved particulates from a drug sample before analysis by high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Since dissolution testing mimics the process of drug absorption in the human body, these particles must be filtered so the HPLC instrument will provide accurate measurements of drug release from the pill or tablet. Non-sterile filtration also is important in content uniformity testing, which measures the amount and uniformity of active ingredients in a drug sample. This test helps the pharmaceutical manufacturer make sure that correct and safe amounts of active ingredients are present in each pill and that they are released over the correct time span. 

Sterile Syringe Filter Applications

Media Filtration and Cell Culture When culturing cells, it’s critical that the antibiotics, buffers, reagents, or nutrients are sterile when added to the media or culture to prevent contamination. Pall Laboratory’s sterile syringe filters with 0.2 µm membranes remove bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi that can contaminate valuable cultures. Protein Purifi cation Higher cell densities can be diffi cult to filter downstream due to bioburden, which can cause premature filter clogging. This problem can be aided by syringe filters 

that incorporate an integrated pre-filter to collect the larger debris, while keeping the downstream membrane clear. Syringe filters must also have low protein binding to ensure proteins are not retained in the filter. Sample Clean-Up, Virus Filtration, and Mycoplasma Reduction Laboratories need a wide range of membrane types and pore sizes for all varieties of sample clean-up, cell debris removal, virus filtration, or general filtration purposes. In addition, specialized sterile syringe filters can be used for serum, DMSO, white blood cells, and mycoplasma reduction. Pall Laboratory offers syringe filters for virtually all laboratory applications