Filter Funnel 25mm, 50ml, Polysulfone (1/pk)
Filter Funnel 25mm, 50ml, Polysulfone (1/pk) product photo Primary L

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Filter Funnel 25mm, 50ml, Polysulfone (1/pk)

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121 - 123 ºC (250-253 ºF) at 1.0 bar (100 kPa, 15 psi) for 15 - 20 minutes
Stem inserts into standard size No. 2 rubber stopper
Diameter (Imperial in)
2.8 in
Diameter (Metric cm)
7.1 cm
Dimensions (Imperial in)
2.8 in
EFA (Effective Filtration Area)
2.9 cm²
Filter Size
Accepts 25 mm
Funnel Capacity (Metric mL)
50 mL
Funnel, Base, Support Screen
Length (Imperial in)
6.2 in
Length (Metric cm)
15.8 cm


25 mm polysulfone filter funnels are economical, autoclavable funnels suitable for vacuum filtration applications.

  • Transparent funnels with graduations permit easy visual measurement.
  • Less expensive than stainless steel and more durable than glass.
  • Tapered stem fits standard size #2 stoppers.
  • Available in 50 and 200 mL capacities.
  • Changing filters is easy. Twist-lock coupling minimizes filter tearing.
  • Ideal for liquid clarification, vacuum filtration, and scintillation counting studies.

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