MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnel with Supor® Membrane, 300 mL, 0.2 µm, White, Gridded, Sterile, Individually Bagged (20/pkg)
MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnel with Supor® Membrane, 300 mL, 0.2 µm, White, Gridded, Sterile, Individually Bagged (20/pkg) product photo Primary L

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MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnel with Supor® Membrane, 300 mL, 0.2 µm, White, Gridded, Sterile, Individually Bagged (20/pkg)

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Cover Material
Cylinder and Base Material
Diameter (Imperial in)
3.5 in
Diameter (Metric cm)
8.8 cm
Dimensions (Metric cm)
8.8 cm
EFA (Effective Filtration Area)
13.46 cm²
Filter Media
Supor membrane polyethersulfone
Funnel Adapter Material
Funnel Capacity (Metric mL)
300 mL
Grid Line
Height (Imperial in)
0 in
Height (Metric cm)
0 cm
Membrane Diameter (Metric mm)
47 mm
Gamma Irradiated
Support Pad Material
Pore Size (Removal Rating)
0.2 µm



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Increase laboratory efficiency with ready-to-use, disposable filter funnels

Test aqueous solutions for microbial contamination using MicroFunnel filter funnels and the principles of the Membrane Filter Technique (MF). Convenient and ready to use, these disposable filter funnels increase the productivity and efficiency of busy laboratories that do not have time to clean and sterilize reusable hardware.

Ideal for quality control analysis of aqueous fluids used in pharmaceutical production, water and food & beverage applications. Individually bagged for added assurance of sterility. Individually labeled for lot traceability. Disposable filter funnels eliminate the possibility of sample cross contamination. All of these features increase the reliability and efficiency of analysis in pharmaceutical laboratories.

MicroFunnel filter funnels provide an easy squeeze separation of the funnel from the base, preventing membrane disruption and eliminating any twisting motions that can tear membranes or result in RSI. The base of the funnel can easily convert to a Petri dish for culturing using the provided funnel lid. Alternatively, the membrane can be easily removed for placing on a separate agar dish.

MicroFunnel filter funnel units are available with a range of microbiology membrane filters. Pall’s Supor polyethersulfone membrane is the ideal choice for microbiology labs requiring isolation and enumeration of organisms stunted in size from exposure to harsh conditions. Allowing for the easy isolation and enumeration of Pseudomonas species, especially stressed organisms, found in process water and other fluid samples (like those analized in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries).

  • Certified: Each lot is certified for microbial analysis to provide added assurance and reliable results with self-serve certificates and other regulatory information available online.
  • Single-use: Prevent cross-contamination with individually bagged, disposable units that are gamma-irradiated, and avoid the need to clean, package and sterilize.
  • Easy to Use: Unique squeeze separation of cylinder from base allows easy access to membrane for simple removal for culturing on agar or broth.
  • Accurate sample measurement. The 300 mL funnel is marked in 50 mL increments, and as with all our funnels, accuracy is confirmed to within +/-2% at the max volume.
  • Confidence: With gamma irradiation, there is no potential toxic extractables sometimes present with EtO sterilization and molded-in measurements on the inside of the funnel ensure all liquid is filtered and reduces the possibility for false negatives.
  • Convenient: Ideal for last-minute samples at the end of a day or work week. Maintain a supply of MicroFunnel filter funnels in case the autoclave breaks down and reusable hardware cannot be sterilized.

Pall Laboratory products are designed for laboratory applications only. This product is not approved for use in medical, clinical, surgical or other patient applications. If you require further assistance in product selection for your chosen application, please email us a question or call 1-800-521-1520.


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