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Polyphenylsulfone Magnetic Filter Funnel Replacement Support Screen, 47mm (1/pkg) product photo Primary L

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Polyphenylsulfone Magnetic Filter Funnel Replacement Support Screen, 47mm (1/pkg)

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Replacement Support Screen for
4241, 4242, 4247, 4238


Polyphenylsulfone support screen for 47 mm magnetic filter funnels.

Pall's patented Magnetic filter funnel features a unique magnetic closure action. The magnets are enclosed in a durable base and funnel to provide an integral, leak-proof seal. Simple one-handed operation for vacuum filtration makes this essential tool a favorite of microbiologists by promoting asceptic laboratory handling techniques. The funnel features a sturdy construction that is shatterproof and can withstand multiple autoclave cycles.

  • No-leak magnetic seal allows one handed operation.
  • Polyphenylsulfone construction is compatible with anti-foaming agents and many other solvents.
  • Convenient, 150 mL size allows for easy fit into small autoclaves, and 500 mL size is ideal for filtration of large samples.
  • Sturdy and safe. Polyphenylsulfone construction provides durability and added safety at a cost less than most glass funnels.
  • Forceps access point allows easy filter retrieval.
  • Graduated at 50 mL increments for accurate sample measurement.

A version of the 47mm Magnetic filter funnel is available to be used in conjunction with Pall's Sentino® pump.

Pall Laboratory products are designed for laboratory applications only. This product is not approved for use in medical, clinical, surgical or other patient applications. If you require further assistance in product selection for your chosen application, please email us a question or call 1-800-521-1520.


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