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Pall QPoint® Docking Station - Faucet/Tap

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For full details, refer to the Instructions for Use. 
  • Remove existing aerator/flow straightener from screw thread tap outlet.
  • Wash hands.
  • Select appropriate Quick Connect Adaptor.
  • Insert supplied gasket and attach to outlet.
  • Insert Docking Station Quick Connect Inlet into Adaptor. Wetting the Docking Station o'ring prior to connection will ensure a good seal with the Quick Connect Adaptor.
  • An audible click will confirm engagement.
  • Ensure Docking Station front plate is positioned facing forward ready for installation of QPoint® Filter Capsule.
  • Ensure o'ring seal is visible, in position and intact.


  • Press latch on Quick Connect Adaptor to release Docking Station and remove.


  • The used Docking Station should be disposed of according to local procedures.
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