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0.2 µm, 90 mm (supplied with individually attached tubing for each filter device), gamma-irradiated (10/pkg) product photo Primary L

VacuCap® 90 Vacuum Filtration Devices - 0.2 µm, 90 mm (supplied with individually attached tubing for each filter device), gamma-irradiated (10/pkg)

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Pall VacuCap And VacuCap PF Vacuum Filtration Devices, 0.2 µm, 90 mm, gamma-irradiated (10/pkg)
“Pall Laboratory products are designed for laboratory applications only. This product is not approved for use in medical, clinical, surgical or other patient applications. If you require further assistance in product selection for your chosen application, please email us a question or call 1-800-521-1520."
  • Excellent device for cell culture media preparation
  • PF version is useful for sterilization of hard-to-filter solutions
  • Reduce mycopalsma with the 0.1 µm pore size

Materials of Construction

  • Filter Media: Supor [hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES)] membrane
  • Housing: Modified acrylic
  • Membrane Support Material: Polyester
  • Sinker Material: Glass-filled polyurethane elastomer
  • Inlet Tubing: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) medical-grade tubing
  • Gasket Seal Material: Polyethylene

Pore Size

  • 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, and 0.8/0.2 μm

Effective Filtration Area

  • VacuCap 60 Devices: 30 cm2
  • VacuCap 90 Devices: 60 cm2

Typical Throughput

  • (RPMI + 10% newborn calf serum)
       VacuCap 60 Devices, 0.2 μm: 1 L
       VacuCap 90 Devices, 0.2 μm: 5 L
  • (RPMI + 10% calf serum)
       VacuCap 60 PF Devices: 500 mL
       VacuCap 90 PF Devices: 1 L

Collection Vessel

  • VacuCap 60 Devices: Can be used on receptacles with openings ranging from 2 - 5 cm (0.8 - 1.9 in.)
  • VacuCap 90 Devices: Can be used on receptacles with openings ranging from 2 - 6.5 cm (0.8 - 2.5 in.)
Warning: Collection vessels should be vacuum rated. Implosion may result.

Typical Hold-Up Volume

  • Vacucap 60 Devices: 1.2 mL
  • VacuCap 90 Devices: 3.2 mL

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • 55 °C (131 °F)

Typical Water Flow Rate

  • mL/min at 25.4 cm Hg (10 in. Hg)
    VacuCap 60 Devices VacuCap 90 Devices
    0.1 µm: 50 0.1 µm: 100
    0.2 µm: 200 0.2 µm: 400
    0.45 µm: 280 0.45 µm: 560
    PF: 200 PF: 400

Recommended Vacuum

  • 38.1 cm Hg (15 in. Hg)

Endotoxin Level

  • < 0.25 EU/mL using Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) test

Biological Safety

  • Passes United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Biological Reactivity Test, In Vivo <88>


  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation and individually packaged

VacuCap® 90 Device Filtration Efficiency

(RPMI 1640 + 10% Newborn Calf Serum)

VacuCap 90 Device Filtration Capacity

(100% Newborn Calf Serum)

VacuCap 90 (0.2 μm) filter device performance as compared to that of competitive vacuum filter units with 0.2 μm Cellulose Acetate membrane. Filtration conducted at 21 °C (70 °F) and 38 cm Hg (15 in. Hg) vacuum. Volumes reflect a filtration time of five minutes.

VacuCap 90 PF Device Filtration Efficiency

(RPMI + 10% Calf Serum)

VacuCap 90 PF Device Filtration Capacity

(100% Calf Serum)

Filtration conducted at 21 °C (70 °F), 50 cm Hg (20 in. Hg) vacuum, five minute filtration time. Actual results may vary depending upon type and concentration of serum, liquid temperature, and applied vacuum.

Basic Procudures

  1. Connect the feed tubing to the port marked “INLET” on the VacuCap device. Place the opposite end of the tubing in the unfiltered fluid to be drawn. 
    Connect the feed tubing on the VacuCap device
  2. Connect the vacuum tubing to the port marked “VACUUM” on the VacuCap device. Refer to product insert for safety precautions.
    Connect the vacuum tubing on the VacuCap device
  3. While holding the VacuCap device securely onto the filtrate container, start the vacuum. The VacuCap device will seal securely to the container top and fluid will be drawn.
  4. When filtration is complete, switch off the vacuum pump allowing the vacuum inside the receiving container to dissipate. Refer to the product insert for complete instructions.
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