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Industry-certified, fully integrated and flexible solutions for transportation of 100 or 200 L Allegro single-use biocontainer systems

Product Type
Cartridges and Elements

For vacuum filtration of liquids, especially for the analysis of aqueous samples for microbiological and particulate contamination using the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique.

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The Supor EX grade ECV membrane Mini Kleenpak Capsule filterability tool in a pleated format is designed for quick and efficient filter sizing studies using small fluid volumes either following, or instead of bench scale flat disc trials

Product Type
Point-of-Use Filters
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Palltronic® AquaWIT IV Filter Integrity Test System MUX Extension is a highly flexible component for any top performance filtration system. It allows up to four different cartridges or housings either hydrophobic or hydrophilic to be tested at once. This level of flexibility saves time and increasing efficiency. All test info get recorded and saved for simple reference.

The Disposable Vent Filter assembly consists of a Profile® Star filter element melt-sealed into a self-contained polypropylene housing. This provides the user with a high level of security and protection, together with the handling advantages of a disposable filter assembly.