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Encapsulated filters removing operating costs associated with traditional formats, such as cleaning and maintenance of filter housings and cleaning validation. Capsules can be autoclaved and supplied as part of a single-use processing system such as a filter/tubing/biocontainer set

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Purpose-designed filters for small-scale membrane qualification studies such as bacteriophage or prion (TSE agent) clearance, as well as membrane flow rate, capacity and protein transmission studies

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Compact, easily-scalable filter discs for virus removal and small-scale membrane qualification studies

Direct flow filters combining robust, high viral clearance of parvovirus and larger viruses with high throughput capacity and demonstrating constant, stable flow-rates in both dilute and complex/concentrated biological fluids

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Designed for effective bioburden and particle control. The Pall-patented Supor machV membrane incorporated in these filters ensures high throughputs and flow rates when utilized for the protection of buffers and biological process fluids

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Filters designed for quick and efficient filter sizing studies using small fluid volumes either following, or instead of bench scale flat disc trials

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PLI Single-Round In-line Filter Housings are specified to meet biopharmaceutical industry standards for both liquid and gas filtration. Housings are available in two different surface finishing options to function properly in varying applications. Flexibility increases with wide range of cartridge compatibility for operator convenience.