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Useful for a wide range of both aqueous and solvent-based applications. Excellent chemical compatibility with esters, bases, and alcohols. Available in 0.2 and 0.45 µm pore sizes, in diameters ranging from 13 to 142 mm.

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Pall's Membrane Stack Disc Filters Optimized for Scale Up is ideal for starting stages of process development. Disc filters are available to serve a wide variety of applications such as prefiltration, clarification and virus removal. Filters take advantage of Fluorodyne® II benefits of high flow rates and low protein binding. The design and construction materials match those of the larger capsules and cartridge filters.

AcroPrep Advance 96-Well Filter Plates With Mustang Q/S Ion Exchange Membrane - 1 mL, Mustang Q membrane (5/pkg)

Product ID: 8171
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Filter Media
Mustang Q (anion exchange)
Pore Size (Removal Rating)
0.8 µm
Sample Volume
< = 9 00 μL
Height (Metric cm)
1.8 cm
Length (Metric cm)
12.8 cm
Width (Metric)
8.6 cm
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Product Type
Respiratory and Anesthesia Products
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