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AcroPrep™ 384-well Filter Plates are ideal for use in high volume, high throughput sample prep applications. Plates are constructed from chemically-resistant, biologically-inert polypropylene with a clear polystyrene lid.

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Available with GxF multi-layered glass fiber prefilter, providing two to four times the throughput of standard glass fiber prefilter devices, and allowing quick and easy filtration of your most difficult-to-filter samples.

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Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) Sample Prep Filtration Increases Column Life. Ideal for UHPLC sample prep and buffer filtration when using column packings < 2 μm. Available in a variety of polymers to provide chemical compatibility with all solutions.

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Depth filter sheets specifically developed for the strict requirements in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries

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Cartridges and Elements
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Chemically resistant materials provide a stable platform to process samples in organic solvents. Inert materials of construction ensure complete recovery of samples and low non-specific binding.

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Maximum yields of high quality DNA. Optimized for maximum binding yield of DNA from a variety of sample types. New well geometry results in reduced hold-up volume and higher recovery of DNA.

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