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Ideal for particulate removal, especially when sample recovery is a concern. Rapid processing of samples. Centrifugal devices are simple to use and save on sample preparation time. Spin multiple samples at once!

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Sturdy, lightweight unit for monitoring particulate in gases or liquids. Lightweight plastic construction. Luer-Lok* vent plug facilitates removal of air bubbles in liquid filtration.

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These syringe filters are specifically designed for ion chromatography applications and optimized to provide the most consistent results when analyzing ionic species.

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Fast, positive-pressure filtration of aqueous solutions up to 3L. Sterilization by gamma irradiation eliminates the risk of cytotoxic residuals from EtO sterilization. Integral hydrophobic vent prevents air lock.

Sterile Filtration
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Macrosep® Advance centifugal filters quickly concentrate up to 20 mL of biological samples. Rapidly concentrates 20 mL sample volumes to 0.5 mL. Provides high recoveries, typically > 90%.

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Particulate removal for longer HPLC and UHPLC column life. High spin speed and larger EFA reduces spin times. For samples from 3 - 20 mL.

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Convenient and economical choice for sterility testing within isolators. MicroFunnel ST filter funnels offer an alternative to costly closed-system sterility testing when using an isolator or containment suite.

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Ideal for a wide variety of protein-analysis applications, these membranes with 0.2µm pore sizes feature naturally hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride filter media.

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Lightweight filter holder for particulate sampling. Domed inlet provides uniform sample distribution on the filter. Lightweight for venting and air monitoring applications.

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Acrodisc PSF syringe filters are Zymark* and SOTAX* Automation Certified to assure smooth operation and worry-free performance 24 hours a day in automated workstations. Ideal for filtration of gas and/or organic solvents.

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For buffers, tissue culture media, and other biological fluids. Newer technology recommended for simplified scale-up. High filtration area and compact size are ideal for upscale trials.

Sterile Filtration
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Replaces dialysis, chemical precipitation, and lyophilization. Typically concentrates 60 mL sample volumes to 5 mL in 30 minutes. Provides high recoveries, typically > 90%.

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