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Endotoxin is a lipopolysaccharide (LPS) found in the cell wall of gram negative bacteria. Explore how our solutions extract contaminants.
Capsule and syringe filter devices containing HT Tuffryn have been discontinued effective December 31, 2017. Review this page to learn our recommended alternative parts.
Learn how our Clarification and Pre-filtration reduce particulate contamination in fluids. Filtration is an effective method to reduce particulate contamination in fluids.Explore our solutions.
Reusable filter holders with separate membrane disc filters can provide the necessary flexibility for researchers to demonstrate proof-of-concept or conduct filterability trials before investing time and effort into more costly options.
Mycoplasmas are a common contaminant of cell cultures. Using our 0.1mm membrane is your best assurance that mycoplasma will not be introduced into your cultures by serum or serum-containing media. Explore our Mycoplasma reduction solutions.
We offer a range of sterile filtration membranes to meet the different volume size for a variety of applications. Our products range from membranes, syringe filters, vacuum devices to larger capsules.
Our Laboratory sterile filtration and clarification techniques are critical in reducing potential contamination. We provide effective filtration sterilization and clarification solutions for global lab industries. Explore our solutions today!
Filter faster with Vacuum Filtration. Explore our Fast and innovative filtration with a higher throughput. Vacuum is an easy and convenient way to filter fluids and can be generated using a pump, house vacuum lines, or by a faucet aspirator system.