Efficient processing of liquid volumes up to 2L. Sterilization by gamma irradiation eliminates potential contamination by EtO residuals.

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$ 50.70 - $ 59.00

These syringe filters are ideal for biological and general research. Superior flow rates and higher throughputs than competitive devices.

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$ 624.00 - $ 2,577.00

Microsep™ Advance centrifugal filters provide precise, quick recovery of microliter volumes. Achieve 50X concentration and > 90% recovery in just minutes.

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$ 128.00 - $ 467.00

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant filter holders for routine air sampling. 25 mm holder is autoclavable. Can be used for bacterial monitoring and particulate analysis. 37 and 47 mm holders include a plastic cap that protects samples after filtration.

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$ 4.58 - $ 580.00

AcroPrep™ Advance 96-Well filter plates for aqueous filtration with varied membrane and pore size selection allow for fast processing with efficient removal of particulates.

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$ 20.80 - $ 1,312.00

Next generation of universal hydrophilic PTFE membrane with maximum chemical compatibility when filtering both aqueous solutions and aggressive solvents.

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$ 245.00 - $ 1,555.00

Universal membrane filters for all of your analytical filtration requirements. Automation Certified to ensure smooth operation and worry-free performance 24 hours a day in automated workstations.

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$ 450.00 - $ 2,500.00

Disposable, multipurpose filters for small volume venting, solvent, and gas filtration. PTFE membrane and polypropylene housing have broad chemical compatibility.

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$ 247.00 - $ 1,706.00

Hydrophilic membrane compatible with a wide variety of solvents. Useful for a wide range of applications, including aggressive and non-aggressive solvent-based mobile phase.

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$ 624.00 - $ 2,680.00

Ideal for particulate removal, especially when sample recovery is a concern. Rapid processing of samples. Centrifugal devices are simple to use and save on sample preparation time. Spin multiple samples at once!

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$ 240.00 - $ 715.00

AcroPrep™ 384-well Filter Plates are ideal for use in high volume, high throughput sample prep applications. Plates are constructed from chemically-resistant, biologically-inert polypropylene with a clear polystyrene lid.

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$ 43.90 - $ 1,312.00

Sturdy, lightweight unit for monitoring particulate in gases or liquids. Lightweight plastic construction. Luer-Lok* vent plug facilitates removal of air bubbles in liquid filtration.

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$ 4.98 - $ 118.00