Post-Use Filter Integrity Test Questionnaire


Step 1: Complete the Post-Use Filter Integrity Test Questionnaire
Note: The full filter serial number(s) should be included. If the full serial number is not available, please supply the lot number. Failure to include this information may result in delays.

Lot Number
Serial Number

A quotation will then be sent to you based on the information provided in the questionnaire.

Step 2: Submit a purchase order
Following a review of the quotation to confirm the correct filters have been identified, please submit a purchase order to Pall.

Step 3: Send the filter with a copy of the Questionnaire (you will receive a copy of your completed questionnaire by email)
Please ensure the filter(s) are well protected against potential damage during transit. Place the filters(s) in a zip lock bag or line inside of shipping container with a plastic bag (in case of a leak occurring, or product being contained).
Please attach on the OUTSIDE of shipping container the Questionnaire and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)/Hazard warnings to the outside of the package. Alternatively provide a statement on company letterhead indicating filter(s) are non-hazardous.

Send the filter(s) with the Questionnaire to:
Ref: Project No.:
Life Sciences LLC
ATT: Fernando Marcellan
Road 194 Km 0.4, PO Box 729
Fajardo, Puerto Rico 00738

Note: Questionnaire MUST be attached to the outside of the box(s) and the serial number stated on the Questionnaire MUST match the filters sent, failure to do so may result in delays.

Step 4: Testing and reporting
Filter(s) will be tested and a report will be issued within 2 weeks of receipt of the purchase order and filter(s) whichever is received latest.