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Nexis® A フィルターカートリッジ (Qグレード) product photo

Ensuring quality with Pall's Q Grade, the Nexis® A Filter Cartridge provides high-efficiency depth filters. Cartridges are produced under GMP regulations and are free from adhesives. Materials are all-polypropylene and are designed with a continuous pore gradient. The structure's Co-Located large Diameter is highly effective at contaminant removal.

エンフロン® FM フィルターカートリッジ(Qグレード) product photo

For cost-effective filtration of solvents used in biopharmaceutical processing and other Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient production.

Poly-Fine® II フィルターカートリッジ(Qグレード) product photo

Poly-Fine® II Filter Cartridges introduces its top quality and performance filters with Q Grade. Filters are manufactured under GMP compliance and are free from adhesives. The Q Grade cartridges are economical with their high contaminant holding capacity and product consistency. They are ideal for compatible liquids or inert gas feed steams.

Mustang® メンブレンクロマトグラフィー製品 product photo

Mustang® Chromatography Capsules and Cartridges by Pall offer the opportunity for linear scale-up to shorten process development time by significantly reducing the re-optimization required between scale-up steps. Mustang membranes offer a variety of compatibilities for multiple solution processing paths. Units are all designed for single-use, which eliminates cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Mustang® メンブレンクロマトグラフィー・スターターキット product photo

Mustang® Membrane Chromatography Starter Kits is ideal for the rapid identification of the correct membrane chemistry and rapid screenings of key process parameters. Mustang offers several membrane grades for varying processing requirements.

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MUSTANG® Q XT450 (450ml) capsule product photo