Ultipor® N66 Filter Cartridges, ABN3NB7BWH4
Ultipor® N66 Filter Cartridges, ABN3NB7BWH4 product photo  L

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Ultipor® N66 Filter Cartridges, Nylon Hardware, 0.45 µm Single Layer, 30 in, Single Open Ended Code 7, Silicone Elastomer O-ring

Product ID: ABN3NB7BWH4

Removal Rating
0.45 µm
Cartridge Length (Imperial)
30 in
Cartridge Length (Metric)
762 mm
Cartridge Length (Metric)
76.2 cm
Gasket / O-Ring Material
Silicone Elastomer
Gasket O-Ring Code
Maximum Differential Pressure
4.4 psid
Cage, Core
Cage, Core, Fin End and Endcap
Unpigmented Nylon 6-10
Cumulative Time Hot Water Sterilization
100 hours
Steam Sterilization
140 °C (284 °F)
Food Contact Compliant
Hot Water Sanitization
80 - 85 °C (176 - 185 °F)
O-Ring Seal
Silicone Elastomer
Cumulative Time Steam Sterilization
4 hours

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Ultipor N66 filters incorporate pleated nylon 6,6 media into single open ended (SOE) cartridges to fit in sanitary filter housings. These elements provide reliable, economical and efficient microbial stabilization for a broad range of food and beverage applications.


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