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Element Coralon HC2296FCP18H50

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Pall Red1000 filter elements allow customers using other manufacturers’ Lube & Hydraulic filters to use Pall high performance filtration without having to replace existing filter housings. Switching to Pall is simple Pall Red1000 filter elements fit directly into existing filter housings without the need for adaptors, in both low and high collapse pressure designs. Features Red1000 Filter Products incorporate Pall’s leading Coralon technology Stress Resistant Technology with CST Ratings Beta 1000 filter performance ratings Low clean pressure drop No special adapters needed to retrofit customer’s housings, Pall Filter Element Coralon HC2296FCP18H50, Nitrile, ISO 12/09/07, 5 Micron, Beta 1000, 18 in, Lube & Hydraulic filters
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