Nexis® T Series Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridge

For Clarification and Particle Reduction in a Variety of Applications

Nexis T Series depth filter cartridges are all-polypropylene, nominally rated depth filter cartridges in 2.5 in. outside diameter. Like all the Nexis filter cartridges, the T Series features proprietary CoLD Melt™ (Co-located Large Diameter) melt fiber technology to enhance the filter strength and resist contaminant unloading. In addition, this filter has been optimized with a graded pore structure for outstanding dirt holding capacity and long service life. 

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Design and characteristics:  Nexis T filters are available in various lengths, O-ring and end configurations.


Why choose Nexis T Series depth filter cartridges?

Nexis T filters are available in a wide range of nominal micron ratings from 0.5 to 200 µm.


Additional benefits include: 


  • High structural integrity with fixed fiber matrix
  • Reliable even under high differential pressure conditions
  • Offers broad chemical compatibility suitable for use in a variety of applications

Product Highlights:

  • Features continuous graded, fixed pores
  • Pre-and fine filtration within the same cartridge
  • High dirt holding capacity and long service life
  • CoLD Melt technology
  • Rinse up and autoclaving available 


Chemicals and Polymers

  • Chemicals – Final product, raw material (gas, air, liquids) and intermediate product
  • Petro Chemicals – (Amine, Benfield and other solvent loops)
  • Polymer – Carbon Fiber, nylon and polyurethane production and particulate control

Food and Beverage

  • Bottled Water – Coarse filtration, incoming water primary filtration, pre-RO filtration and trap filtration
  • Soft Drinks – Incoming water primary filtration, post mixing filtration, RO protection and trap filter – sugar syrup
  • Corporate Beer – Particle filtration
  • Craft Breweries – Preclarification
  • Cannabis – Particle removal and prefiltration

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Automotive – Parts washing, pre-treatment and e-coat, sealant, paint and coatings, test stands
  • Primary Metals – Quenching/cleaning, roll bite safety filter, shape and materials handling, mining final product (slurry) and municipal mining water (rinsing)
  • Pulp and Paper – Bleach chemical prep, machine process application, paper coating and pulp screening
  • General Industrial – Auto painting/zinc phosphate bath and midstream process water

Oil and Gas

  • Upstream – Injection water and SRU
  • Midstream – LNG acid gas, midstream acid gas, glycol filtration and process water
  • Refinery – Amine systems


  • LI Ion Batteries – Slurry filtration