Profile® Nano Depth Filter Cartridge

For CMP Applications in Microelectronics

Profile Nano advanced depth filter cartridges are high-performance slurry filters that classify ceria and low solids colloidal silica slurries. They are used in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes such as shallow trench isolation (STI) and barrier copper.

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Poly-Fine® ARD, Filter Cartridges, Removal Rating 0.5 μm, Polypropylene, Length 20 Inches, EPDM

Product ID: ARD0520UEDOE
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Removal Rating
0.5 µm
Membrane Material
Cartridge Length (Imperial)
20 in
Cartridge Length (Metric)
508 mm
Cartridge Length (Metric)
50.8 cm
Gasket / O-Ring Material
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Poly-Fine® ARD, Filter Cartridges, Removal Rating 5 μm, Polypropylene, Length 30 Inches

Product ID: ARD530UNDOE
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Removal Rating
5 µm
Membrane Material
Cartridge Length (Imperial)
30 in
Cartridge Length (Metric)
762 mm
Cartridge Length (Metric)
76.2 cm
Gasket / O-Ring Material
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Why choose Profile Nano depth filter cartridges for CMP applications?


These CMP filters efficiently remove particles as fine as 100 nm with the help of extremely fine fibers manufactured via a highly advanced melt-blowing process.


Additional benefits include:


  • High removal efficiency for particles predominantly captured by sieving and other mechanical filtration mechanisms
  • Each zone is manufactured to a given specification, ensuring consistent and reproducible performance
  • Steep efficiency curves result in minimal strip-out of desirable slurry particles while sharply increasing removal of oversized particles

Product Highlights: 

  • Higher performance
  • For fine particle removal
  • Includes multi-zone pore construction
  • Longer service life



  • Semiconductor – CMP


  • Medium: Polypropylene
  • Core, cage, and endcaps: polypropylene
  • O-ring options: ethylene propylene (EPR)
Removal ratings
  • 100 nm
  • Nominal length:

             102 mm / 4 in, 254 mm / 10 in, 508 mm / 20 in, 762 mm / 30 in, 1016 mm / 40 in

  • Diameter:

             63 mm / 2.5 in

  • O-ring size / end caps:

             Code 19 (222 double O-ring flat end)

Operating conditions
  • Maximum operating temperature: 
             82°C / 180°F
  • Maximum differential pressure:

            0.41 MPa @ 30°C / 60 psid @ 85°F

            0.34 MPa @ 50°C / 50 psid @ 120°F

            0.2 MPa @ 70°C / 30 psid @ 160°F

            0.1 MPa @ 82°C / 15 psid @ 180°F


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