Supralon™ Filter Elements for L&H Fluids

Supralon™ filter elements offer Betax(c) ≥2000 rating for high-performance filtration in hydraulic and lubrication fluids. These filters are designed using stress and static charge resistant technology and act as replacement filters for Pall Ultipor® and Coralon® designs.



  • Stress-resistant filter medium 
  • Asymmetric pack construction  
  • Beta ≥ 2000 rating for superior control of particulate contaminants 
  • CST filter rating for consistent performance throughout service life 
  • Standard anti-static design


Select the best filters for your applications with the help of the Supralon Crossover Tool.

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Nominal Length (Imperial)

20 in

Element Series


Beta Rating

BETA 2000

Supralon™ Lube and Hydraulic Elements, Removal Rating 12 μm, GlassFiber, Length 20 Inches

Product ID: HC2296FRS20H50X369
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Beta Rating
BETA 2000
Element Series
Filter Media
Glass Fiber
Filter Removal Rating
12 micron (Beta 2000)
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The Supralon filter elements provide 2X better particle removal efficiency compared to BX(c)≥1000 rated filters and 10X better efficiency than common BX(c)≥200 rated filters. They help reduce equipment maintenance and unscheduled downtime costs.



Why Choose Supralon Filter Elements for Hydraulic and Lubrication Fluids?


Next-generation filter design

Pall Supralon filter elements are designed for use in Pall Ultipor and other manufacturers' housings.


Asymmetric pack construction


  • New upstream and downstream drainage mesh pairings
  • Heavier weight filtration medium with fixed, tapered pore construction
  • Optimized pleat heights and pleat counts


Beta ≥ 2000 rating


  • Faster system clean-up rates
  • Cleaner achieved system cleanliness levels


Stress-resistant filter medium


  • Unparalleled fluid cleanliness consistency throughout the filter's service life
  • Better performance in ‘real world’ conditions
The unique 'composite structure' of the Supralon filter elements has been optimized to deliver long service life, including applications that can experience upset conditions (e.g., water ingression)
Proprietary filter medium construction
  • Heavyweight, tapered pore medium to enhance dirt holding capacity
  • Small diameter inert, inorganic fibers in a fixed pore matrix to deliver high-efficiency performance
  • Uniform filter medium control layer to ensure performance consistency


Redesigned filter medium support structure


  • A unique pairing of up and downstream meshes and open high strength support material optimizes flow distribution for long life and enhanced gel resistance. It provides additional support during cold starts.


Proprietary outer helical wrap


  • Elements are tightly spiral-wrapped with the wrap bonded to each pleat to ensure optimal pleat spacing and full medium utilization even under severe duty applications


Protecting the fluid, filter, and other components from static discharge


  • Supralon filters incorporate a novel outer wrap, designed to minimize static charge build-up in the element
  • Anti-static design dramatically reduces damaging static charge generation compared to conventional lube and hydraulic filter elements
  • Static charge resistance is a standard feature included across the entire Supralon product range



Sustained system protection over the life of the filter


Protecting fluid systems relies on the filter's ability to maintain fluid cleanliness throughout its service life. Testing (SAE ARP4205) has shown that typical system stresses such as flow cycles and dirt loading can reduce a filter’s ability to maintain fluid cleanliness over time.


This graph shows that different manufacturers’ filters deliver good fluid cleanliness early in service life, but as time goes on, most have their ability to maintain fluid cleanliness drastically reduced. In contrast, Supralon filters incorporate stress-resistant technology, which enables them to produce sustained fluid cleanliness over the full life of the filter.


Product Highlights: 

  • Long service life 
  • Next-generation filter design 
  • Redesigned filter medium support structure 
  • Proprietary outer helical wrap 
  • Significantly fewer passes required to reach the target cleanliness level


ßx(C)≥2000 Rated

Stress Resistant


Data Sheets


Element Collapse/Burst Rating (ISO 2941)


  • 10 bard (150 psid) minimum for Coreless filter elements
  • 20 bard (300 psid) minimum for Standard filter elements
  • 210 bard (3,045 psid) minimum for High Collapse Strength filter elements


Flow vs. Pressure Drop (ISO 3968)
See appropriate Ultipor housing literature on
Fluid Compatibility (ISO 2943)
Compatible with petroleum oils, water glycols, water-oil emulsions, and high water-containing fluids. Fluorocarbon seals are standard, enabling use with industrial phosphate esters, diesters, and specified synthetics.
Flow Fatigue (ISO 3724)
Contact factory; filter element pleats are fully supported, both upstream and downstream, to achieve excellent fatigue cycle life.
Fabrication Integrity (ISO 2942)
Fabrication integrity is validated and assured during the manufacturing process by numerous evaluations and inspections, including Bubble Point testing.
Temperature Range
Fluorocarbon seals: -29˚C (-20˚F) to +120˚C (+250˚F)
Note: Maximum 60˚C (140˚F) in water-based fluids. Other seal materials are available based on the application.
Quality Control
Pall manufactures all filter elements according to exacting procedures and strict quality controls. Filter elements are checked against rigorous ongoing validation test protocols within Pall Corporation. Pall is accredited to ISO 9001 and QS 9000.
Measuring Filter Performance – Cyclic Stabilization Test (based on SAE ARP4205)
Conditions such as varying flow, cold starts, shock and vibration can potentially reduce the effectiveness of a filter in an operating system. The Cyclic Stabilization Test examines the effects of cyclic flow conditions and dirt loading on the capture and retention characteristics of the filter. The result is an improved filter performance reporting method that simply tells the user via ISO Codes the level of contamination control that can be maintained throughout the filter’s service life.
Cleanliness Code Ratings
Media Grade Code Rating (μm) ßx(c) ≥ 2000 based on ISO 16889 CST* ISO Code Rating based on SAE ARP 4205
Z 3 06/04/<1
P 5 12/08/<1
N 7 14/09/04
S 12 18/16/08
T 25 19/17/12


* CST: Cyclic Stabilization Test to determine filter rating under stress conditions, based on SAE ARP4205.


Note these ISO codes are laboratory measurements under standard conditions.


Cleanliness measured in actual operation will depend on operating conditions and sampling method.

Ordering Information

Understanding Your Supralon Part Number

Example P/No: HC9600FRP16Z



HC denotes it is a Pall hydraulic cartridge
9600 is the product family
F (filter element) or S (for spin-ons)
R designates the Supralon medium type for standard collapse elements; H designates the medium type for high collapse elements (H& R replace A, C, D, K, M, U or X in previous Coralon or Ultipor III designs)
P is the medium grade. There are 5 standard grades Z, P, N, S, and T (see media grade table for associated ratings above)
16 is the Nominal filter length (in inches) – there are a number of lengths available across all series ranging from 4 to 39 inches
Z is the Seal material, fluorocarbon as standard, other materials available upon application


Note: Some elements may have added digits to the p/n to designate it as a special design.


Q.1. Can Supralon filter elements fit Pall Ultipor and other manufacturers' housings?


     - Yes, Supralon filter elements can easily fit Pall Ultipor and other manufacturers' housings. These are replacement filters for Pall              Ultipor, Coralon, and Red1000 filter elements.


Q. 2. What are the benefits of using Supralon filter elements?


  • With a Beta ≥ 2000 rating, the Supralon filter elements offer fast system clean-up to achieve desired fluid cleanliness levels. They provide 2X better particle removal efficiency compared to BX(c)≥1000 rated filters and 10X better efficiency than common BX(c)≥200 rated filters.
  • The filters serve long service life and help reduce equipment maintenance and unscheduled downtime costs.
  • The anti-static design dramatically reduces damaging static charge generation compared to conventional lube and hydraulic filter elements.