Lube & Hydraulic Filter Elements

Particulate contaminants can cause operating problems in industrial hydraulic, lubricant and fuel systems. Pall’s lube and hydraulic filter elements, however, quickly remove these solid contaminants and keep them at low levels. Our lube and hydraulic oil filter elements can help:

  • Prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Decrease operation and maintenance costs
  • Increase production output
  • Maximize profits


Pall is a leading hydraulic filter element manufacturer offering several different product families:

  • Supralon™
  • Athalon®
  • Versalon™
  • Red1000™
  • PALLsorb®
  • Coralon®
  • Ultipor®: Ultipor III, Ultipor SRT, Ultipor Plus, Ultipor Max
  • Ultipleat® SRT


Our new Supralon™ fluid filter elements represent a significant advancement in equipment protection and are a direct replacement (same form, fit, and function) for current Coralon® and Ultipor® filter elements (typically part numbers prefixed with “HC”).   Supralon filter elements have been designed to deliver the best performance features of its Coralon and Ultipor predecessors. Select the best filters for your applications with the help of the Supralon hydraulic filter element cross reference tool.

Athalon filters are our premium lube & hydraulic offering. They directly replace (same form, fit, and function) legacy Ultipleat SRT filter elements, delivering improved filter efficiency without sacrificing service life or pressure drop.

These reliable and effective hydraulic oil filtration products have been specifically designed to help customers achieve long-term equipment performance and efficiency.


Lube and Hydraulic Filter Elements

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Nominal Length (Metric)

33.02 cm

Nominal OD (Imperial)

3 in

Athalon Glass Fiber 12 micron (Beta 2000) Nitrile 13in 33.02cm

Product ID: UA159AS13H
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Beta Rating
BETA 2000
Element Series
Filter Media
Glass Fiber
Filter Removal Rating (μm)
12 µm
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The presence of particulate contaminants in the fluid can cause operating problems in lubrication and hydraulic systems, and also increase unwanted costs in the long run in terms of unscheduled downtime, frequent maintenance, and repair. They can also decrease your production output and result in reduced profits.


Pall’s lube filter and hydraulic oil filter elements effectively help avoid all these issues while delivering consistent, high-performance, reliable and effective output. Pall hydraulic oil filters feature Stress-Resistant Filter Technology (SRT) and Anti-Static Construction to offer rapid contaminant removal, consistent cleanliness over the life of the filter, long filter service life and outstanding overall performance.




With Beta x(c)≥1000 filtration rating, Coralon filter elements provide high-performance equipment protection at all stages of filter life. They feature Stress-Resistant Technology (SRT)  for unsurpassed performance and value. Coralon elements provide low element pressure drop for small envelope size, long life and optimum performance under system stresses at all stages of filter life for consistently cleaner fluid. They are available in anti-static configurations to prevent electrostatic charging and potential varnish formation.




Athalon elements are Pall’s premier lube and hydraulic filtration products. They offer an industry-leading Beta x(c) ≥ 2000 (ISO 16889) particle removal rating and feature Stress-Resistant Technology (SRT) to ensure consistent protection of critical equipment over the life of the filter. These elements feature the Laid Over Pleat (LOP) filter media geometry, which maximizes filtration area, increases flow handling capability and decreases filter element size for highly effective filter performance. Coreless (cageless) construction makes the Athalon filter elements up to 60% lighter than comparable filter elements with cores.




Pall Ultipor III filters have a Beta x(c)≥1000 filtration rating and feature a unique, patented helical wrappleat support system for minimal pleat flexing. They have a composite element structure designed to enable performance consistency and maximum dirt holding capacity. These elements deliver world-class performance and exceptional service life while lowering maintenance and repair costs.




The Ultipor SRT filter elements have a Beta x(c)≥1000 filtration rating and are designed with Pall’s Stress-Resistant Technology (SRT), providing excellent industry value and performance. Ultipor SRT filters have anti-static construction to resist static charging and protect system components and the fluid from the harmful effect of static discharge. These filters are highly suitable for applications involving turbine lubrication and control fluids.




Pall’s Red1000 filter elements have a Beta x(c)≥1000 filtration rating and fit directly into other manufacturers lubrication and hydraulic filter housings without the need for housing replacement or adaptors. They are available in both low and high collapse pressure designs, to provide users with the performance and quality they expect from Pall.  View our cross-over tool to find your replacement filter here.  




Versalon filters offer exceptional contaminant protection for lube and hydraulic systems. Incorporating Coralon media with a Beta x(c)≥1000 filtration rating, these filters are cost-effective, reliable, environment-friendly, and are tailored for Industrial and Mobile OEMs. With Versalon filters, OEMs can protect their aftermarket revenue stream, reduce warranty costs, decrease field service demands, lower the risk of catastrophic failure on start-up and have leaner inventory levels. Pall’s Versalon filter range includes:

  • G210 Series High Pressure Filters
  • G410 Series High Pressure Filters
  • F410 Series Medium Pressure Filters
  • T200 Series Tank Mounted Filters


Ultipleat® SRT


The Ultipleat SRT filter elements are designed with a coreless, cageless element configuration and Pall’s Stress-Resistant Technology. They have been replaced by Pall Athalon filter elements that fit directly into Ultipleat SRT filter housings without the need for adaptors.




PALLsorb filter elements offer a viable solution for the removal and retention of water contamination from hydraulic oils, fuels and lubricants. These elements can retain emulsified water contamination without compromising the filter’s structural integrity. Their applications include hydraulic systems, lube systems, cutting fluids, diesel fuels, phosphate esters, synthetic oils and more.


Pall’s lube and hydraulic filter elements offer:

  • Industry-leading fluid contamination control solution
  • Consistent system fluid cleanliness
  • An optimized flow path for low-pressure drop (dP) 
  • Long filter element service life 

Product Highlights:


  • Pall's Stress Resistant Technology or (SRT)filter media is featured in most product families
  • Anti-static construction options are available
  • Pall elements provide either Beta x(c) >= 1000 or Beta x(c) >= 2000 particle removal efficiency
  • ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified


  • Filter Medium: Inorganic fibers impregnated and bonded with epoxy resins.
  • Filter Hardware:

          Filter elements with cores - corrosion protected end caps and core

  • Coreless filter elements - polymer end caps
  • Beta x(c) >= 1000, Beta x(c) >= 2000 particle removal efficiencies per ISO16889
  • CST (Cyclic Stabilization Test) ratings to determine filter performance under stress conditions, based on SAE ARP4205
  • Filter Grade Range: 1 to 200 μm
  • Lengths: 76.2 mm (3 in.) to 1016 mm (40 in.)
  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressures: 10 bar, 28 bar, 250 bar, 420 bar
  • Temperature Range:
    • Fluorocarbon: -29°C (-20°F) to +120°C (+250°F)
    • Nitrile: -43°C (-45°F) to +120°C (+250°F)
  • ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified
  • Fluid Compatibility:

             Compatible with all petroleum oils, water glycols, water-oil emulsions, and most synthetic hydraulic and lubrication fluids

  • Element Collapse Pressure Rating (ISO 2941):

          10 bard (150 psid) minimum for coreless filter elements 

          20 bard (300 psid) minimum for filter elements with cores 

          210 bard (3,045 psid) minimum for high strength filter elements

  • Fluid Compatibility (ISO 2943)
  • Flow vs. Pressure Drop (ISO 3968)
  • Flow Fatigue (ISO 3724)
  • Fabrication Integrity (ISO 2942)


Pall’s industry-standard lube and hydraulic oil filter elements offer excellent performance over a wide range of pressures and flows at affordable costs. These elements help in improving filter life and can be used in applications involving:


  • System and equipment protection
  • Auto LOH for stamping
  • Heavy lubrication
  • Material handling
  • Auto painting/coating zinc phosphate bath
  • Mining equipment gear case
  • Mining equipment hydraulic fluid
  • Mining equipment lube oil - on and off-board
  • Mining final product (post smelt/burn off impurities)
  • Coolants/bearing lubrication
  • Drives gearbox and roll housing
  • Forging/extrusion
  • Material directional control,
  • Quenching/cleaning,
  • Roll bite (safety filter)
  • Shape handling
  • Mobile OEM (on-highway and off-highway) filtration solutions


1. What is the advantage of Pall’s stress-resistant filter (SRT) technology?

Pall’s stress-resistant filter medium technology improves fluid cleanliness and consistency, and gives better performance in “real world” conditions.


3. What is the benefit of anti-static construction?

Pall’s lube and hydraulic filter elements feature the anti-static construction, which offers the following benefits:

  • Minimizes static charge generation and electrostatic discharge
  • Prevents damage to filter housing and elements, or fluid due to static discharge


4. How are Pall’s mobile OEM lubrication and hydraulic filter elements useful?

Pall’s OEM filter elements offer the following advantages: 

  • Improved performance from your existing filter installations, regardless of age or condition.
  • Improved filter life 
  • Fewer element and fluid changes and lower oil disposal costs
  • Improved fluid operating conditions to increase equipment output
  • Strong aftermarket revenue stream
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Reduced risk of catastrophic failure on start-up
  • Leaner inventory levels