SUPRApak™ Plus PW Series Modules

For High Throughput Depth Filtration in Enclosed Systems

SUPRApak Plus PW depth filter module design is using the new layer to layer seal technology.

Developed from traditional depth filtration technology, SUPRApak modules efficiently combine the filtration mechanisms of surface filtration, depth filtration and adsorption. Highly unique to their design is an entirely new flow configuration, based on the "edgeflow" principle.

Seitz® filter sheet material is wrapped around a central, permeable core. Feed and filtrate channels provide a fluid flow path resulting in maximum utilization of the sheet material, to provide highly efficient contaminant removal and a cost-effective enclosed system alternative to flat sheet filtration.

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Filter Media


SUPRApak PW 7700 MW

Product ID: 5303104/M
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Core Drainage Discs
Diameter (Imperial)
11.2 in
Diameter (Metric)
285 mm
Filter Media
Filtration Area (Imperial)
29.1 ft²
Filtration Area (Metric)
2.7 m²
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SUPRApak PW 7700 SW

Product ID: 5303104/S
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Diameter (Imperial)
7.5 in
Diameter (Metric)
183 mm
Filter Media
Filtration Area (Imperial)
4.3 ft²
Filtration Area (Metric)
0.4 m²
Food Contact Compliant
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New to the SUPRApak PW Series is an improved layer to layer sealing which offers the following features and benefits:


Features Benefits
Flow configuration based on "edge flow" principle
  • Up to 6 times higher throughput compared to classical sheet filtration, resulting in longer process uptimes1
  • Increased adsorption capability and excellent filtrate quality

Sealing line technology

  • Higher mechanical stability
  • Modules can be steam sanitized
  • Higher dp stability and therefore higher total throughput
Enclosed filtration system
  • Increased process safety and product quality
  • No drip losses
  • Minimal operator exposure to process fluids

Drainable, low hold-up volume assembly

  • Higher product yield; lower cleaning costs

High filtration capacity in compact design

  • Small footprint

Simple, quick installation and servicing

  • Reduced labor and maintenance costs


1 Depending on application and product selection


Typical applications are found in many fluids in the food and beverage industry.


Final filtration Enzyme solutions, sweeteners
Polishing filtration Sweeteners, beer, wine, flavors, thin liquor gelatin, yeast extract, vinegar
Clarifying filtration Beer, wine, enzymes, flavors, thin liquor gelatin, polyols, edible oils
Coarse filtration General particle removal


PW Range of Filtration Grades




  • Filter sheets produced in a controlled environment
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System


Food Contact Compliance

Please refer to the Pall website for a Declaration of Compliance to specific National Legislation and/or Regional Regulatory requirements for food contact use.


Main Components2

Component Description

Sheet material: PW 5200, 

PW 5300, PW 5500, PW 5700,

PW 5900, PW 7000, PW 7100,

PW 7300, PW 7700

Cellulose, Diatomaceous Earth (DE, Kieselguhr) Perlites
Center Core Polypropylene (20% talc-filled)
Sealing Line Polypropylene


2 For more information on materials of construction, please see the Declaration of Compliance at


Technical Information


Operating Characteristics in Compatible Fluids3

Module Size Grade Max. Operating Temperature
SUPRApak S,M,L PW 5200-PW 7700 80 °C (167 °F) / 8 hours4


3 Compatible fluids are those which do not adversely affect the filter materials of construction.

4 Laboratory tests up to 8 hours exposure. Actual field experience shows substantially longer resistance to high temperatures. For continuous hot fluid applications over 40° C (104° F), a stainless steel support core is required. Please see SUPRApak housing data sheet for information.


Operating Guidelines

Field experience shows that maximum achievable differential pressures vary with the applications and product selection. They are determined by monitoring filtrate quality, and are influenced by several factors. Please contact Pall for details, and refer to SUPRApak module instructions for use.


Nominal Weight and Typical Ash Content

Module Dry Weight Wet Weight Ash Content5


(PW 5200-PW 7300)

1.6-1.8 kg

(3.5-4 lbs)

3.5-4.5 kg

(7.7-9.9 lbs)


SUPRApak S (PW 7700)

1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)

3.1-3.8 kg (6.8-8.4 lbs)

< 2%


(PW 5200-PW 7300)

5.1-5.6 kg

(11.2-12.3 lbs)

15.5-16.5 kg

(34.1-36.3 lbs)

SUPRApak M (PW 7700) 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs) 13-15 kg (28.6-33 lbs) < 2%


(PW 5200-PW 7300)

11-12 kg

(24.2-26.4 lbs)

25-30 kg

(55-66 lbs)

SUPRApak L (PW 7700) 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) 25-30 kg (55-66 lbs) < 2%


5 These figures are determined on typical finished articles. Values differ for individual PW grades. Ash values for the filter sheets in individual batches are available on request.


Many applications in the food and beverage industry are ideally suited to the use of SUPRApak technology, resulting in significant commercial and technical advantages.


Method Temperature Time/Cycles6
Hot Water 85 °C (185 °F) 20 cycles @ 20 min each
Steam 125 °C (258 °F) 10 cycles @ 20 min each


6The actual time required may vary as a function of the process conditions. Laboratory tests were carried out up to 10 cycles. Actual field experience shows more cycles are achievable, coupled with proper filtrate quality monitoring.




Module Size Rising Volume/Module Recommended Flow Rate
SUPRApak S 20 liters (5.3 US gal) 1.5 times filtration flow rate
SUPRApak M 140 liters (37 US gal) 1.5 times filtration flow rate
SUPRApak L 340 liters (90 US gal) 1.5 times filtration flow rate
7 Depending on the application, rinsing with cold or warm water in a forward flow direction is recommended prior to filtration.



  • SUPRApak™ Plus PW-Series Modules

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Pall SUPRApak vs Filter Press setup time

Ordering Information

This information is a guide to the part number structure and possible options. For availability of specific options and housing details, please contact Pall.


Part number nomenclature:

Part Number: SUPRApak PW [Table 1] [Table 2] W

Example part number: SUPRApak PW 5200 W

See bold reference code in tables.


Table 1: Grade



Table 2: Nominal Dimensions

Code Height External Diameter
S 250 mm (9.8") 183 mm (7.5")
M 250 mm (9.8") 285 mm (11.2")
L 250 mm (9.8") 415 mm (16.3")

Available Sizes

Code Range L M S
5200 PW Range  x x x
5300 x x x
5500 x x x
5700 x x x
5900 x x x
7000   x x
7100 x x x
7300   x x
7700   x x