Vent Filters

Pall’s vent filters are self-contained, compact filter devices designed to provide high efficiency removal of airborne bacteria and particulate under dry and moist conditions to protect equipment, research results and laboratory environments.


Types of Disposable Vent Filters –

  • Acro 37 TF Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane
  • Bacterial Air Vents with Glass Laminate
  • Acro 50 Vent Devices with Emflon II PVDF Membrane
  • Acro 50 Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane
  • AcroPak TM 300 Vent Capsule with PTFE Membrane
  • Vacushield™ Vent Device
  • AcroVent™ Vent Device
Vent Filters

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Product Use

Gas Filtration

Disposable 50mm filter devices for use in routine, noncritical venting applications. Decreases contamination risks. Ideal for gas lines for CO2 incubators.

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For use as vents for receiving vessels or as sterile breathing barriers. Economical and convenient depth filter for venting applications.

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Acro 37 TF Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane


The Acro 37 vent devices are ideal for small volume venting, solvent and gas filtration. Made of PTFE media on a polypropylene support, their robust material offers broad chemical compatibility. Acro® 37 TF Vent Devices with PTFE membrane are economical and are available in bulk packaging.


Bacterial Air Vents with Glass Laminate


This variant with a hydrophobic, glass laminate depth media, prevents passage of aerosols and offers high flow rates for gas and air. Their hydrophobic filter is made of glass laminate (polyester/ glass fiber/ polyester).


Acro 50 Vent Devices with Emflon II Membrane


Made with proprietary, low pressure drop hydrophobic PVDF membrane, Acro 50 vent devices with Emflon II membrane are stable under gamma irradiation. Their light weight (<27 grams) prevents crimping of tubing, and they are 100% integrity tested. 


Acro® 50 Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane


Reusable and autoclavable. They are available in a variety of inlet/ outlet connections and pore sizes to best match your application requirements alongside a large surface area allowing greater throughput and high air flow rates. They match industry standards for venting bioreactors and fermenters and have a broad chemical compatibility allowing aggressive solvent filtration. 


AcroPak 300 Vent Capsule with PTFE Membrane


The extremely large EFA (280cm2) give high air flow rates and are recommended for large bioreactor venting applications, are 100% integrity tested and have a broad chemical compatibility suited to solvent and chemical filtration.




Filter Area Vent Filter
Low Acro 37 TF Vents, Bacterial Air Vents
Medium Acro 50 Vents with either PTFE or Emflon II PVDF Membrane
High AcroPak 300 Capsule with PTFE Membrane


For the comprehensive list of Vent Filters specifications, please refer to the data sheet.

Applications/ Use

  • The Acro 37 TF, Acro 50, and AcroPak 300 vent filters are integrity test suitable, making them ideal in applications where sterility is a priority. 
  • Acro 37 TF Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane are used for small-volume venting and degassing
  • Acro 50 Vent Devices with Emflon II Membrane are ideal for use in air/ gas and vent applications. Suited for disposable systems where cleaning validation is a problem and gamma irradiation is required. 
  • Acro 50 Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane are used for venting bioreactors, fermentation tanks, and carboys, and sterile gas purging of culture vessels
  • The Bacterial Air Vent, with its glass laminate filter media, exhibits higher temperature and pressure ratings, and higher air flow rates
  • Vent filters by Pall Laboratory  for venting receiving vessels, isolation or environmental chambers, bioreactors, fermentation tanks, carboys, and other small containers
  • Vent filters can also enable air to enter and exit vessels such as bioreactors, while maintaining the sterility of the interior environment and preventing escape of bacteria into the environment.
  • AcroPakTM 300 Capsule with PTFE Membrane is used for Bioreactor venting requiring high air flow rates. The industry standard for venting bioreactors and fermenters


What are some of the practical uses of vent filters in laboratories?


  • Equilibration of gasses generated during normal cellular growth and metabolism
  • Protecting aspirators, vacuum pumps and house vacuum lines from aerosols or liquid intrusion
  • Filtering air/gas into equipment
  • Filtering air/gas of unwanted microbes and particulate to maintain the proper environmental growth conditions in a bioreactor
  • Protecting sensitive electronics from aerosol or fluid damage
  • Protecting the laboratory work environment form unwanted aerosol contamination


What are the factors that should be considered while selecting the right vent filter?


The most important factors while selecting vent filters are air flow rate and micro-organism/ particulate retention. The membrane in the vent filter must provide sufficient flow rate at appropriate differential pressure to accommodate the air flow required. The filter should efficiently retain particles and bacteria.


How do vent filter devices help keep people and equipment safe?


Vent filters provide safety by acting as barriers on airlines, preventing water and aerosols’ entry into equipment, protecting the work environment from aerosolized pathogens and keeping the interiors of sensitive equipment like bioreactors sterilized while still allowing air flow through the vessels.