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Supralon GlassFiber 12 micron (Beta 2000) Fluorocarbon 2in 5.08 cm product photo  L

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Supralon™ Lube and Hydraulic Elements, Removal Rating 12 μm, GlassFiber, Length 2 Inches

Product ID: HCA146FRS2Z

Beta Rating
BETA 2000
Filter Media
Glass Fiber
Filter Removal Rating
12 micron (Beta 2000)
Filter Removal Rating (μm)
12 µm
Nominal Length (Imperial)
2 in
Nominal Length (Metric)
5.08 cm
Seal Material


Key Features Include: 1) New upstream and downstream drainage mesh pairings. 2) Beta ≥ 2000 rating for superior control of particulate contaminants and faster system cleanup rate. 3) Long filter service life. 4) Sustained system protection over the life of the filter. 5) Protects the fluid, filter, and other components from static discharge. 6) Measuring filter performance - Cyclic Stabilization Test (based on SAE ARP4205)


Lube and Hydraulic Elements


Lube and Hydraulic Oil Filtration


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