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HDC® II Filter Cartridges for Liquid Applications product photo

With a high capacity for long service life and broad chemical compatibilities, the HDC® II Liquid Filter Cartridges provides a high-quality SOE option for sanitary filter housings. Components are FDA listed and manufactured under ISO 9000 Quality System. It is melt sealed to ensure sterility for purification products. It has many applications, including biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

HDC® II Junior Cartridges product photo

HDC® II Junior Style Filter Cartridges use all polypropylene construction for a wide chemical compatibility range. The fiber diameters vary to increase the dirt catching and holding capacities for both upstream and downstream processes. Filter cartridges can be steam sterilized for easy maintenance and long service life.

Fluorodyne® II DBL Membrane Filter Cartridges product photo

Maintaining the Pall standard of high flow rates and high protein transmission, the Fluorodyne® II DBLMembrane0.45 micron bioburden reduction filter cartridges use AB-style filters to provide efficient filtration. This particular unit from the Pall filtration suite is most versatile. Its uses in both prefiltration and bioburden removal produce low extractable levels. All products are integrity tested and do not use surfactants.

Supor® EAV 멤브레인 카트리지 필터 (Membrane Filter Cartridge) product photo

Designed for effective bioburden and particle control. The Pall-patented Supor machV membrane incorporated in these filters ensures high throughputs and flow rates when utilized for the protection of buffers and biological process fluids

Ultipor® N66 Particulate and Bioreduction Filter Cartridges product photo

Specifically engineered for fine filtration, prefiltration and bioburden reduction of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biological liquids, providing reliable, economical and efficient particulate and bioburden removal